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'Forum of Mathematics, Pi' and 'Forum of Mathematics, Sigma' are open-access peer-reviewed journals for mathematics licensed under creative commons and published by Cambridge University Press.[1] The journals opened to submissions on 1 October 2012 and their first article was published online on 17 May 2013.[2] It is intended to be funded by an author-pays model with fee-waivers for those that can't afford the fees, and no fees at all for any author for the journals' first three years.

The managing editor is Rob Kirby (University of California, Berkeley).

Unlike traditional journals there are no issues as all articles will be available online as soon as they are accepted, although at the end of each year a collected volume will be available as print-on-demand.

Pi is for general articles of interest to a wide audience of mathematicians, and Sigma is for specialist articles with a group of editors for different areas of mathematics. Articles that don't fit neatly into the classification of areas used by the editorial process are still welcome.


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