Forus Upper Secondary School

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Forus Upper Secondary School (Norwegian: Forus Videregående Skole) is an upper secondary school in Sandnes, Norway. It offers vocational studies, focuses mainly on fine arts, and media and communication (photography, graphic design, video, computers etc.). It is the only upper secondary school in Norway to only offer artistic, visual and creative studies. About 330 students attend the school.


According to new plans, in 2009 the school will be moved to the center of Sandnes. In addition to existing studies, the music, dance and drama studies from Lundehaugen Upper Secondary School will be moved to this new school. The aim is to form a larger school holding 840 students in purely artistic, creative and aesthetic studies. The school will be located in the towns cultural centre, close to the cinema, museums, library and community center.

Coordinates: 58°53′00″N 5°44′21″E / 58.8832°N 5.7392°E / 58.8832; 5.7392