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Studio album by Hoobastank
Hoobastank chronology
They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To

Forward is a 2000 second unreleased self-produced album by Hoobastank. At time of signing on with Island Records, Hoobastank also featuring Jeremy Wasser had completed this album, however the band felt that the direction they were heading in would work best without a sax, so Jeremy departed the band and the album was shelved. A little after Jeremy's departure, Hoobastank signed to Island Records which ultimately approved the departure of Jeremy. A few of its tracks were re-recorded for release on the band's self-titled 2001 release. The original recordings from the "Forward" sessions made their way to the internet via peer to peer sites in late 2001.

Background and development[edit]

In 1999, following the release of They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To, Hoobastank recorded 5 new songs: "End Of Our Rope", "Paper Promises", "Divine", "Now Or Never", and "Tin Walls", as well as a cover of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" by Rod Stewart, recorded in guitarist Dan Estrin's kitchen.

Around that time, Hoobastank was beginning to shift from their Mr. Bungle-influenced funk and ska style to a more accessible post-grunge sound. Because the new music did not call for saxophone, saxophonist Jeremy Wasser left the band. Thus, the 5 new songs featuring Wasser that were intended for a second independent album were scrapped. Regarding this, bassist Markuu Lappalainen remarks:

"We started playing different music, we started to get more mature. We started playing rock before it was kinda carnival-ish type music. Bizarre music. But we started maturing in our writing and we started getting more straightforward and there wasn't any room for sax."[1]

On May 15, 2000, in response to the negative feedback from part of the band's fanbase regarding the change in sound, drummer Chris Hesse wrote in a blog that the band had been heading in this direction "for quite some time now."[2]

After the departure of Jeremy Wasser, the band decided to continue on and start anew. They immediately started recording new songs: "Up and Gone" "Ready For You, and "Hello Again". These 3 songs were released on a demo EP that was sold at their live shows. It served as an appetizer to their new album "Forward" which was to be produced by Jim Wirt. "Let You Know" was also written and recorded during this time and played at live shows, but it was not included on the 3-song EP.

Shortly after the EP's release, the band began getting attention from major labels, including Epic, Immortal and Island/Def Jam. A music video was filmed for "Up and Gone", produced and directed by Adam Baxter. A few weeks after the music video's filming, the band signed a recording contract with Island/Def Jam. Once signed, the plans to release Forward were scrapped. The band also changed their name from Hoobustank to Hoobastank. The reasons for changing the spelling include legal issues, the change in sound, and due to the fact that many people mispronounced the name.

Hoobastank then began working their eponymous major label debut. The songs from the Forward sessions were rerecorded and included on the album.

Track listing[edit]

1."End of Our Rope"3:31
2."Paper Promises"3:12
4."Now or Never"4:14
5."Tin Walls"5:22
6."Let You Know" 
7."The Critic" 
8."Never Saw It Coming" 
9."Open Your Eyes" 
10."Losing My Grip" 
11."Ready for You" 
12."Up and Gone" 
13."Hello Again" 
14."Right Before Your Eyes" 


  • Doug Robb - Lead Vocals
  • Daniel Estrin - Lead Guitar
  • Markku Lappalainen - Bass
  • Chris Hesse - Drums
  • Jeremy Wasser - Saxophone On Tracks 1-5


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