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Forward Montana is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization located in Missoula, Montana.[1] It is described as a "non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to training, mobilizing, and electing a new generation of progressive leaders in Montana".[2] It was co-founded by Billings-born blogger Matt Singer, along with several members of the Montana Public Interest Research Group and The Associated Students of The University of Montana, in 2006.[3]


Forward Montana played a critical role in the 2007 municipal election in Missoula, unseating conservative incumbent Missoula City Council member Don Nicolson in a close race with progressive candidate, Pam Walzer.[4] The organization used their Pink Bunnies campaign to register young voters,[5] and turn them out for the election. The campaign proved interesting enough to warrant Missoula Mayor John Engen to issue a proclamation, making the day before voter registration closed "Official Pink Bunny Day" citywide.[6] The campaign registered more than 1,000 voters — more than one-third of all the city’s new registrants.

Forward Montana also helped turn out hundreds of voters using candidate forums like Candidates Gone Wild, in which candidate's ideas were presented as a talent show rather than in standard Q&A style forums.[7]

After the beatings of two members of Missoula's LGBT community, Forward Montana co-organized the rally "We Are Missoula... Stand Up, Speak OUT!" The rally drew over 300 people, with help from groups like Western Montana Gay & Lesbian Community Center and the YWCA of Missoula.[8]

In 2012, Forward Montana registered more than 10,000 people to vote across the state, making it the largest third-party voter registration effort in Montana's history.[9]

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