Forward Operating Base Gibraltar

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FOB Gibraltar
Flag of the International Security Assistance Force.svg
Helmand Province in Afghanistan
Type Forward Operating Base
Site information
Owner International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Operator British Army
Royal Marines
Site history
Built 2007 (2007)
In use 2007-2009 (2009)

FOB Gibraltar was a British-manned Forward Operating Base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan next to the Helmand River, near the town of Sangin. It was named after the port of Gibraltar, which was the lynchpin of British Naval dominance in the Mediterranean.[1]

The mission for FOB Gibraltar was to train and support Afghan soldiers and take Taliban pressure off the Sangin area, so that the soldiers and the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) could try to secure the population while improving their quality of life.

Taliban fighters who attacked FOB Gibaltar during the summer of 2008 referred to the base as the 'mouth of hell' or 'devil's place'.[2] Of the 160 men of 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) who manned the base, almost one in three were killed or wounded, a higher casualty rate than that suffered by British soldiers during the Second World War: Five killed in action, 14 seriously injured, and another 30 wounded.[2] The Base was last occupied by C Coy 2 Rifles prior to the closure of the FOB in June 2009. C Coy 2 RIFLES moved to FOB Wishtan near Sangin.

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