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FoundedJuly 1973
ProductsDigital Recorder, Loudspeaker, Speaker parts
ParentFoster Electric Company

Fostex (フォステクスカンパニー) is a Japanese audio equipment manufacturer.


MR8 HD multitrack recorder

Fostex was founded in July 1973. It is now a division of Foster Electric Company, Ltd.

Fostex and TASCAM pioneered affordable multitrack recording equipment and was the first to offer an eight-track reel-to-reel multitrack that used affordable 1/4 inch tape. It competes with Tascam and Yamaha with a full line of products for the home and semi-pro recording studio market including an extensive line of cassette-based multitracks. Fostex's current product range includes digital multitrack recording equipment, loudspeaker drivers, studio monitors, microphones, and headphones.

Some production sound mixers for motion pictures use the Fostex Field Memory Recorder (FR-series and PD-series), which records audio and stores recordings as WAV files, as their recording device for sync sound.

Fostex has expanded its offering of HiFi based products to include high-end headphones (TH-series), digital audio converters (HP series) and devices for portable listing. Fostex's t50rp model has become popular in headphone modification circles.[1]


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