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Location in Burbank 2015

FotoKem originated as a motion picture film lab located in Burbank, CA. Founded in 1963, it is now the largest independently owned post production facility on the west coast having expanded its services over the past several decades to meet the demands of the ever-evolving film and digital motion picture industry.

Services include Telecine from 16mm, 35mm and 65mm to standard definition or high definition, or high-resolution scans, Film Scanning and Recording, DVD-Creation, Editing, Digital Intermediates, Optical Track Creation, Nonlinear Finishing, Titling, Video Duplication and Standards Conversion, Global Data Delivery, Encoding, Editing System Rentals, and many other services necessary to the completion of a motion picture feature, television series, commercial, or other professional film production.

Many films that are entered in film festivals require a 35 mm film print. FotoKem offers digital film prints at a discounted price for independent and student film makers, and has been working with local and international film schools for many years to help the development process for future filmmakers.

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