Fotu La

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Fotu La
फ़ोतु ला
Fotu La
Elevation 4,108 m (13,478 ft)
Traversed by Srinagar-Leh highway
Location India
Range Himalaya, ladhakh Range
Coordinates 34°17′38″N 76°42′08″E / 34.29389°N 76.70222°E / 34.29389; 76.70222Coordinates: 34°17′38″N 76°42′08″E / 34.29389°N 76.70222°E / 34.29389; 76.70222

Fotu La (Hindi: फ़ोतु ला) or Fatu La is a mountain pass on the Srinagar-Leh highway in the Himalayas zaskar Range[1] in India.[2] At an elevation of 4,108 metres (13,478 ft), it is the highest point on the highway, surpassing the famed Zoji La.

Fotu La is one of two high mountain passes between Leh and Kargil, the other being Namika La.[1]

Moving eastwards, the highway begins to descend towards the Lamayuru after Fotu La. There is a Prasar Bharati television relay station serving Lamayuru located on the pass.


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