Foucault (crater)

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Focault crater 4158 h3.jpg
Lunar Orbiter 4 image
(triangular mark at left is blemish on original)
Coordinates 50°24′N 39°42′W / 50.4°N 39.7°W / 50.4; -39.7Coordinates: 50°24′N 39°42′W / 50.4°N 39.7°W / 50.4; -39.7
Diameter 23 km
Depth 2.1 km
Colongitude 40° at sunrise
Eponym Léon Foucault

Foucault is a small lunar impact crater that lies along the southern edge of Mare Frigoris, to the southeast of the crater Harpalus. In the rugged terrain to the south of Foucault is Sharp. The outer perimeter of Foucault forms a somewhat irregular circle, with slight outward bulges to the south and northeast. The inner wall of the rim is not notably terraced, and slopes down directly to the uneven floor. It is named after physicist Léon Foucault, most famous for the Foucault pendulum.