Foul Bay

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See also Foul Bay, Falkland Islands and Foul Bay, Barbados

Foul Bay (Greek: Akathartos Kolpos, "uncleaned bay"; Latin: Sinus Immundus) is an inlet of water on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea. It is located slightly north of the Tropic of Cancer. The town which lies at the most inland section of the bay is Berenice. The northern part of Foul Bay is a peninsula called Ras Banas.

Many islands litter the bay:

These islands were formed by an upthrust of rock near the mantle during the convergence of two continental plates under the Red Sea.

Foul Bay is popular among tourists for its diving opportunities. Strong and dangerous currents limit only experienced divers to some places where they can observe corals.

Coordinates: 23°41′N 35°37′E / 23.683°N 35.617°E / 23.683; 35.617