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Discipline Science fiction studies
Language English
Edited by Paul March-Russell
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Triannually
ISSN 0306-4964
LCCN 79644907
OCLC no. 470148578

Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction is a critical peer-reviewed literary magazine established in 1972 that publishes articles and reviews about science fiction. It is published triannually by the Science Fiction Foundation. From 1986 to 2001, Edward James was the editor-in-chief; Farah Mendlesohn took over until 2007 and was succeeded by Graham Sleight[1] and then Paul March-Russell in 2013.[2] Worlds Without End called it "the essential critical review of science fiction",[3] a claim which author James Patrick Kelly called "certainly defensible."[4]

Some issues have been theme issues on such topics as H. G. Wells and The War of the Worlds, queer theory, Octavia E. Butler, and a "celebration of British science fiction" issue. The hundredth (Summer 2007) issue published short fiction.[5][6]

Back issues are archived at the University of Liverpool's SF Hub.[7]


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