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A Foundation Year Program or Foundation Year Programme is a one-year introductory course to a full multi-year degree curriculum offered by many universities in the Commonwealth and elsewhere. Many of these programs are intended for those not yet in a degree program, though the program at the University of King's College forms part of the degree course.

List of Availability[edit]

At the University of King's College, their Foundation Year Programme is a historical survey of western culture for first-year students.[1]

At Vanderbilt University, the Foundation Year Programme aims to prepare students from outside the United States to enter the American university system.[2]

At the University of Queensland, the Foundation Year Programme is a university preparation program for students who are not citizens or permanent residents of Australia.[3][4]

At Boston University the SABIC Foundation Year Program is a university preparation course aimed specifically at Saudi students.[5]

At Jacobs University in Germany, the Foundation Year Programme is a preparatory year.[6]

At City of Bath College, the University of Bath International Foundation Year is an intensive foundation year for students wishing to gain entry into the University of Bath but who do not have A Level or IB qualifications.