Foundation for Democratic Advancement

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Foundation for Democratic Advancement
Abbreviation FDA
Type Electoral Studies Non Academic
Headquarters Calgary, Canada
Executive Director
Stephen Garvey
Website [1]

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) is a non-partisan and independent democracy reform and advocacy organization. The FDA's reforms are centered on increasing the voice of the will of the people. FDA members embrace the following principles: progress, innovation, objectivity, and transparency. The mission of the FDA is to advance democratic processes all over the world in terms of transparency and fairness, thereby bringing the will of the people to the forefront of democratic discourse.

The FDA conducts research on key issues in democracy including electoral processes and their application. This is done through analysis of constitutional and legislative material and real-world application. The intent of this research is to provide policy recommendations on electoral systems to key stakeholders and the general public. The FDA reports are based on defined methodology, matrices, and scoring scales. The FDA also researches both legislative documents and theoretical literature. The FDA audit process, consisting of audit teams and observers, forms the structure of the FDA reports.

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