Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue

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The Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue (FIIRD) was founded in 1999, sponsored by the Levant Foundation with the University of Geneva in Switzerland "to pursue its scholarly and humanistic goals with the main objective of fostering understanding of the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism." The main program of the FIIRD is to enhance knowledge and the critical examination of the wellsprings of each religious tradition and then to acquire the linguistic and strategic tools needed to study the normative scriptures of these religions without syncretism or proselytism.

Board of Trustees[edit]

The Board of Trustees currently includes[1]

Projects and Goals[edit]

In 2006 the FIIRD published a boxed set of the three Holy Books, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Holy Qur'an.

Another goal of the FIIRD, strongly supported by the Levant Foundation, was to create a post-doctoral program at the University of Geneva in the field of interreligious and intercultural dialogue whereby several Fellows, each possessing a PhD in theology, philosophy, history or other humanities and dedicated to further their knowledge and understanding of the monotheistic religions, participate in approved research and publish their results all done with the goal of searching for peace between the Abrahamistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

List of FIIRD Fellows[edit]

  • Vito Evola
  • Leila El Bachiri
  • Naël Georges
  • Guila-Clara Kessous
  • Stefano Bigliardi
  • Omar Fassatoui

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