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The Foundation for Liver Research is a UK medical research charity[1] dedicated to hepatology. It funds the Institute of Hepatology in central London.

The website of the Foundation for Liver Research mentions the following:

"The Foundation for Liver Research was established in 1974 to develop and extend research into diseases of the human liver and to enhance medical research generally.[2]"

"For over 30 years the Foundation has supported ground-breaking research programmes into liver disease under the direction of Professor Roger Williams, CBE. This work is carried out within the purpose-built Institute of Hepatology located in central London. The Institute provides laboratory space for up to 40 scientists and is affiliated to Birkbeck College, University of London. Research is organised around major research projects within the overall theme of Liver Cell Injury and Repair. Current areas of research include viral hepatitis, liver cancer, liver inflammation and metabolism, liver cell injury and metabonomic and proteomic studies.[3]"

A mini-documentary released in March 2013 illustrates the work performed at the Institute of Hepatology and supported by the Foundation.[4]


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