Foundation for Polish Science

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Foundation for Polish Science
Fundacja na rzecz Nauki Polskiej
Foundation for Polish Science logo.jpg
Motto Supporting the best, so that they can become even better
Formation February 6, 1991; 26 years ago (1991-02-06)
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Leader Maciej Żylicz

The Foundation For Polish Science (Polish: Fundacja na rzecz Nauki Polskiej, FNP) is an independent, non-profit making organisation which aim at improving the opportunities for doing research in Poland. Established in 1991, the Foundation's mission is to provide assistance and support to the scientific community in Poland. The strategy of Foundation For Polish Science is to support research groups and individual scientists, realised through individual prizes, grants and scholarships awarded by FNP, including the Prize of the Foundation for Polish Science. Its effort is widely regarded as crucial in transforming Polish science after 1989[citation needed].


Foundation offers scholarships and grants for outstanding researchers at every career stage, regardless the citizenship of candidates.


The new FNP Headquarters are located in Wierzbno, in a World War II surviving building. The building has recently been renovated and the facade is now covered in greenery. The Living Wall is the first in Poland and apart from the environmental benefits it helps blend the building with the green surroundings.[4]

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