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Foundations Forum was the first exclusively heavy metal music industry convention, held annually from 1988 to 1997 in Los Angeles. The convention was set up by Concrete Marketing who had in January 1988 created the first industry trade magazine for the heavy metal world – Foundations. Realizing there was little or no attention or focus on this growing market, and having seen the far reaching distribution of the trade magazine, they decided to put together an annual meeting, bringing together key industry personnel, vendors and artists (and in later forums fans as well) offering advice on surviving the industry, discussing the changing climate of the scene and business, and allowing people to network.

Executive Director Bob Chiappardi summed up the purpose of the Forum,

"The way heavy metal is growing, we want to be careful not to have it blow out. By sitting down and talking about the genre, the good and the bad points, having the indies interacting with the majors, it makes for a healthy industry in general."[1]

The forums usually invited a keynote speaker who would open the event and touch on important themes for the weekend ahead. There would be panels and workshops made up of industry personnel particular to the theme who would discuss contemporary issues and answer questions.

There were also plenty of performances all weekend of the best signed and unsigned talent the heavy metal world had to offer, over the years including bands like Judas Priest, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Extreme, Ozzy Osbourne and Prong.

CD Samplers of signed and unsigned artists were distributed to each forum attendee

Foundations Forum '88[edit]

On September 30 – October 1 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles, Concrete Marketing, Metal Blade Records and RIP Magazine joined forces to create the first annual Foundations Forum convention.

The theme of FF88 was the credibility and respectability of metal within the music industry as a whole.[2] Attendance, etc.

The Keynote speaker for the event was Sharon Osbourne and it incorporated parties in honor of RIP Magazine's second anniversary and Concrete's fourth.

Panels & Moderators

Panel Moderator(s)
Metal Marketing Bob Chiappardi (Concrete Marketing)
Press & Publicity Lonn Friend (RIP Magazine)
Artist Development Diarmuid Quinn (Epic Records)
Retail & Distribution Bill Berger (Island Records)
Metal Video John Cannelli (MTV)
Managers & Lawyers Walter O'Brien (Concrete Management)
Metal Radio Derek Simon (Kiss Company)
Record Producers Mike Bone (Chrysalis)
Credibility & Respectability Jim Cardillo (Managing Director Foundations Forum '88)
Record Company Forum Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)
Clubs, Booking & Touring Haoui Montaug (New Music Seminar)

Jennifer Perry (Avalon Attractions)

A&R in Heavy Metal Ron Laffitte (Sanctuary Music)
Selling Metal: Retail, Touring & Press Janie Hoffman (MCA Records)

Andy Somers (Frontier Booking International)

Artist Panel Penelope Spheeris (Dir. Decline of Western Civilization)

A two disc compilation cd was available free of charge to those attending the event, showcasing bands that Concrete was working with.

Disc 1:

Artist Song Label
Keith Richards Take It So Hard Virgin
Winger Hungry Atlantic
Helloween I Want Out RCA
Bullet Boys Smooth Up Warner Bros. Records
Anvil Blood On The Ice Metal Blade
Queensrÿche Revolution Calling EMI-Manhattan
Warrant 32 Pennies Columbia
Drive Kamikaze Rampage/Rhino
S.A.D.O. On The Races Noise
Roughhouse Tonight Columbia
Alien I've Been Waiting Virgin
The Stand If You See Kay Pak'er/Carlyle

Disc 2

Artist Song Label
House of Lords I Wanna Be Loved Simmons/RCA
Majesty Fortune In Lies Mechanic
Kix Cold Blood Atlantic
Jetboy Feel The Shake MCA
Suicidal Tendencies Surf & Slam Epic
Dead End Junk Metal Blade
Hexx Racial Slaughter
Devias Desperate
Wild Hot For Love Columbia
Mallet-Head Fight Frontier
Washed Alone

Foundations Forum '89[edit]

Foundations Forum 89 took place from September 21–23 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles. This was a week when three metal albums (by Skid Row, Mötley Crüe and Warrant) dominated Billboard's Top Pop Albums chart.[3]

The focus of this convention was shifted more towards the development of new artists within the metal scene,[2] emphasizing the growth and nurturing of the style.[3]

The convention's attendance more than doubled this year to accommodate more than 2500 people,[4] around a quarter of which were musicians.[5]

The Keynote speaker for the event was KISS bassist Gene Simmons.

Panels & Moderators

Panel Moderator
Metal Workshop Jim Cardillo (MCA)
Understanding Music Publishing Andy Gould (Concrete Management)
Pay To Play – Controversy In The Clubs Kenny Kerner (Music Connection Magazine)
Retail Lou Mann (Capitol Records)
Merchandising: Your Name Here (Or Not) Walter O'Brien (Concrete Management)
Producers/A&R Terry Lippman (Lippman Kahane Management)
Radio Ray Gmeiner (Elektra)
Sponsorships – Is Metal Going To Madison Avenue? John Brodie (Westwood One)
Road Management: Don't Leave Home Without It Ron Laffitte (Lippman Kahane Management)
International: The World, She Shrinks Stephan Galfas (T.E. Savage Inc.)
Video: $$$ Well Spent or Spend It Elsewhere? Rick Krim (MTV)
Press: Exposing Yourself Ben Leimer (Circus Magazine)
A Star Is Born: The Development Of a Career Cliff O'Sullivan (Polygram)
Touring: Getting From The Clubs To The Arenas Gary Bongiovanni (Pollstar)
Geraldo Goes Metal: All Access, No B.S. Marko Babineau (Geffen)
Equipment Endorsements Paul Sackman (Musician Magazine)
Metal Corps: The Sultans of Speed Chris Williamson (Rock Hotel Presents)
Marketing Bob Chiappardi (Concrete Marketing)
Artist Management: Can't Live Without 'Em & Can't Shoot 'Em Mike Bone (Chrysalis)
Artist Panel Lonn Friend (RIP Magazine)

The artist panel this year featured King Diamond, Robert Sweet (Stryper), Robin McAuley (MSG), Steve Jones, Lita Ford, Vicki Peterson (the Bangles), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) and Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers).[5]

A double cassette named 'The Shape of Things to Come' featuring unsigned artists was given out this year along with the double disc compilation 'CD From Hell'. In a special issue of Metal Hammer, interviews were run with all the unsigned bands featured on the compilation.[6]

CD From Hell – Disc 1

Artist Song Label
D.A.D. Rim of Hell Warner Bros. Records
Cats In Boots Shot Gun Sally EMI Records
Toy Roz Sexy Lil' Devil BG Records
The Front Pain Columbia Records
Lord Tracy She's a Bitch UNI/MCA Records
Brighton Rock Can't Stop The Earth From Shakin'
Defcon Cold Hearted DKP Productions
Alien Tears Don't Put Out The Fire Virgin Records
Babylon A.D. Hammer Swings Down Arista Records
Fates Warning Through Different Eyes Enigma Entertainment
Savatage Gutter Ballet
Bad Brains With the Quickness Caroline Records
Sleeze Beez Screwed, Blued 'N Tattooed Sanctuary Music
Joy Thunder Hard Love
The Stand Love Is the Reason Pak'er Carlyle Records
Potential Threat Rich Bitch

CD From Hell – Disc 2

Artist Song Label
Faith No More Falling to Pieces Slash Records/Warner Bros. Records
Shotgun Messiah Shout it Out Relativity Records
MSG Save Yourself Capitol Records
King Diamond Sleepless Nights Roadracer Records
Damn Cheetah Damn Cheetah Total Music Management
Loudness You Shook Me Atco Records
Suicidal Tendencies Master of No Mercy Epic Records
Stage Dolls Wings of Steel Chrysalis Records
Faster Pussycat Poison Ivy Elektra Records
Rude Awakening Live Life Rude Awakening
Metal Church Of Unsound Mind Elektra Records
Mordred State of Mind Noise Records
Powermad Nice Dreams Warner Bros. Records
Dirty Blonde Passion Outpost Entertainment
Cherri Rokkett Lonely Cherri Rokkett

Foundations Forum '90[edit]

Foundations Forum 90 took place at the Sheraton Plaza La Reina Hotel in Los Angeles from September 13–15, 1990. This was the first year the event was open to the public and there were over 4,000 registrants.

The theme of this year's event was based loosely around metal's emerging social consciousness and responsibility (As Bob Chiappardi notes in his message from the directors):

Responsibility on the part of the industry to nurture new talent, the responsibility of the metal community to cultivate our increasing credibility within the industry, and the responsibility of us all to react to charges that our music is potentially or intrinsically dangerous with something other than mere hostility.[2]

Tying in with this theme, a big topic of conversation at the forum was censorship and the keynote speaker for the event was Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford. At the time, Judas Priest had just been involved in a civil action whereby it was alleged they were responsible for the suicide of one youth from Nevada and the attempted suicide of his best friend via subliminal messages placed on one of the songs from their album, 'Stained Class'.

Although the case had eventually been thrown out of court, it was not the first of its kind and the metal world was having to defend itself against an ever-increasing number of censors.

Ozzy Osbourne, who had also been to court following the death of a teenager who listened to his music, joined his wife Sharon Osbourne and former California Governor Jerry Brown on one of the forum's panels to discuss the issue of censorship, which was a popular topic; a theme which spilled into several other panels over the weekend.

1990's forum was self-contained within the hotel and featured listening parties from Slayer, Motörhead, Scorpions, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple. Not only was there major news/press coverage of the forum, but there were broadcasts directly from the convention by MTV, KNAC, Z-Rock and others, with some being syndicated all across the country. Many will have come to cover the 18 signed bands which played at night including Judas Priest, Pantera, Exodus, Extreme, Alice In Chains and the London Quireboys. Also, during the day, there were 18 unsigned bands performing including Radar, a New York band featuring lead singer Pamela Moore who sang the part of Sister Mary on Queensrÿche's Operation: Mindcrime album.

Two commercial video cassettes of FF90 highlights were released through Strand/VCI, although these were never to be released domestically.[7]

Panels & Moderators

Panel Moderator
Metal Workshop Jim Pitulski (Columbia Records)
International Panel Derek Oliver (ATCO Records)
Music Contracts Panel Joseph Lloyd Serling (Serling Rooks & Ungar)
Video Panel Juliana Roberts (The Foundry)
Publishing Panel Jim Cardillo (Warner Chappell)
Radio Panel Kid Leo (Columbia Records)
A&R Panel Jim Lewis (PolyGram Records)
Endorsement Panel Joe Bosso ( Guitar World Magazine)
Music From The Underground Howie Abrams (In-Effect Records)
Touring Panel Jim Guerinot (A&M Records)
Marketing Panel Jay Krugman (Columbia Records)
Merchandising Panel Steve Gertsman (Winterland Productions)
Censorship Panel Chris Morris (Billboard Magazine)
Biology of a Record Company Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)
ASCAP Metal Songwriter Workshop Andy Gould (Concrete Management)
Press Panel Hanna Bolte (Epic Records)
Sexism/Racism Panel Mike Bone (Chrysalis)
Retail Panel Fran Aliberte (WEA)
Management Panel Bill Elson (ICM)
Artist Panel Lonn Friend (RIP Magazine)

Riki Rachtman (Rachtman Enterprises)

The Artist Panel included Jani Lane & Joey Allen (Warrant), KK Downing & Glen Tipton (Judas Priest), Vito Bratta (White Lion), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Joe Leste (Bang Tango).

As well as a cassette featuring unsigned bands, a 3CD sampler was given out at this Foundations Forum.

Foundations Forum '90 CD Sampler – Disc 1

Artist Song Label
Extreme Get The Funk Out A&M Records
Queensrÿche Empire EMI
Warrant Uncle Tom's Cabin Columbia
Vio-lence Officer Nice Megaforce/Atlantic
Cry Wolf Face Down The Wishing Well Grand Slamm
Every Mother's Nightmare Listen Up Arista
House Of Lords Shoot Simmons/RCA
Nevada Beach Waiting for an Angel Metal Blade
Black Sabbath Anno Mundi IRS Records
Two Bit Thief Hard Times Combat
Ministry Thieves (Sire/Warner Bros. Records)
Devious Carried Away
Washed Turn It Around

Foundations Forum '90 CD Sampler – Disc 2

Artist Song Label
Megadeth Holy Wars/Punishment Due Capitol
Pantera Primal Concrete Sledge ATCO
24-7 Spyz Heaven or Hell In-Effect
Vixen Wrecking Ball EMI
Trouble Tribe Tattoo Chrysalis
Sacred Reich Who's To Blame Enigma
Rhino Bucket Blood On The Cross Reprise
Uzi Away From My Heart
Jet Boy Stomp It (Down To The Bricks) MCA
Valentine Running On Luck Again Giant
Mystic Force Shipwrecked With The Wicked
Harlet Individual We Stand
Antix Jaw Dropping Beauty
Dorian Grey South Side Man

Foundations Forum '90 CD Sampler – Disc 3

Artist Song Label
Anthrax In My World Megaforce/Island
Exodus The Lunatic Parade Capitol
Reverend Scattered Wits Charisma
Precious Metal Downhill Dreamer Chameleon
King of The Hill Freak Show SBK Records
Child's Play Rat Race Chrysalis
Disaster Area This Claw
The Beautiful Fine Science of Chaos Giant Records
Scarecrow Waiting Cariola Records
Destruction Cracked Brain Noise Records
Randy Coven Strange Cat Guitar Recordings
David La Duke Right From Wrong SB Records
Joy Thunder No Place To Skate
Tamer Lane More Than A Miracle

Foundations Forum '91[edit]

Foundations Forum 91 took place at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles from October 3–5, 1991. This year the forum featured an industry only day as well as the first Foundations awards ceremony. Paid attendance was up 15% on the previous year and exhibit room, directory sales, advertising, merchandising and record company participation were all up 25%.[8]

Over half a million dollars was raised in aid of the TJ Martell Foundation, through ticket sales for the awards ceremony and at the casino night held as part of the convention.[9]

Signed bands showcasing over the course of the three nights included Ozzy Osbourne, Soundgarden, Prong, Ugly Kid Joe, XYZ, Crimson Glory, The Almighty, Bang Tango, Claytown Troupe, Screaming Jets, Baby Animals, Lillian Axe and Asphalt Ballet.[10]

A sponsor, Barq's Root Beer, also came on board for the first time at the convention. Noting that their target market was those aged between 12 and 24, and recognizing the growing popularity of the metal genre amongst this age group, they partnered with Foundation's Forum in order to reach their audience directly.[11]

Panels & Moderators

Panel Moderator
Retail Marketing Mark Reiter (Epic Records)
Record Contracts Donald Passman (Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown)
Meet The Prez Mike Bone (Mercury Records)
Touring & Developing a Show Larry Smith (Performance Magazine)
Sponsorships Tom Hulett (Concerts West)
Demos Steve Sinclair (Mechanic Records)
Press Mike Gitter (Writer)
Publishing 101 Ira Jaffe (NEM)
Radio & Promotion Brad Hunt (Elektra Records)
Managers Merck Mercuriadis (Sanctuary)
Crossover – Rap/Alternative/Metal Tom Whalley (Interscope)
Biology of a Record Company Mike Faley (Metal Blade Records)
Artist Panel Lonn Friend (RIP Magazine)
Career Opportunities & Self Defense in the Music Business Jim Cardillo (Warner/Chappell Music)

The artist panel this year included Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies), Ricky Warwick (The Almighty), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Dweezil Zappa, and Harry James and Luke Morley (Thunder).[10]

Awards Ceremony

The first Foundations Awards ceremony was to recognize the significant contribution made by key artists to the heavy metal genre and the music industry as a whole. The proceeds were donated to the TJ Martell Foundation and the ceremony featured performances by Blind Melon, Temple of the Dog, Alice in Chains and Megadeth. The MC for the event was MTV's Riki Rachtman and awards presenters included Ronnie James Dio, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, Lemmy, Rick Rubin, Penelope Spheeris and Rikki Rokkett.[12]


  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Ozzy Osbourne
  • Best Debut Album: Alice in Chains
  • Best Hard Rock Band: Queensrÿche
  • Top Artist (Radio Album): Megadeth – Rust In Peace
  • Top Artist (Radio Cut): Megadeth – Hangar 18
  • Top Artist (Retail): Queensrÿche – Empire
  • Best Thrash Band: Megadeth
  • Best Hard Alternative Band: Jane's Addiction
  • Best Video (Single Cut): Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss/Janes Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
  • Best Album Art: Jane's Addiction – Ritual de lo Habitual
  • Top Independent Artist (Retail): Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption
  • Top Home Video: Faith No More – Live at Brixton
  • Top New Artist: Pantera [13]

Foundations Forum 91 Sampler CD – Disc 1

Artist Song Label
War Babies Blue Tomorrow Columbia Records
Soundgarden Jesus Christ Pose A&M
Fates Warning Point of View Metal Blade/Reprise
McQueen Street When I'm In The Mood SBK Records
Screaming Jets Needle rooArt/Mercury
Voivod Clouds In My House Mechanic Records
Crimson Glory The Chant Atlantic
Lillian Axe Body Double Grand Slamm Records
Skatenigs Loudspeaker Wax Trax Records
Pasafire Suck on This!
David LaDuke Takin' My Chances SB Records/Productions
Bernward Rock'n'Roll Revolution Inferno Music (Berlin)
Dead On Lost At Sea Dead On Records/Mausoleum
Skara Brae Sweet Alibi

Foundations Forum 91 Sampler CD – Disc 2

Artist Song Label
Slick Toxik Big Fuckin' Deal Capitol Records
Scatterbrain Big Fun Elektra Entertainment
Claytown Troupe Devil's Highway EMI
The Bogeymen Killing Ground Delicious Vinyl
Naked Sun Rite To Life Noise Entertainment
Arcane Opera Time Slips Away
Tourniquet Psycho Surgery Intense Records
Gunslingers Rock-City
Scorcher Still A Long Way From Home
Rude Awakening The Bell
Annihilation Fourth Reich
Eudoxis Reach The Sun
Belfast Make Up Your Mind

Foundations Forum 91 Sampler CD – Disc 2

Artist Song Label
The Almighty Crucify Polydor
The Scream Tell Me Why Hollywood Records
Lucy Brown Colorblind Megaforce/Atlantic
The Hard Corps Hard Corps Interscope
Baby Animals Early Warning Imago Recordings
Frontrunner! Time To Say Goodbye
Voxen Shadows of a Broken Heart
Criss Cross Tears From Heaven
Amazone Stop Talking
Moxy Lama It Doesn't Matter
Heartless Baby Jane
Gypsy Kyss Somewhere With Somebody Else
Disaster Area Reign of Chaos
Casino Drive Groovin' Bomb

This year a video cassette entitled 'A Weekend in Hell' was released through A&M Video. The video featured performances from bands like Megadeth, Soundgarden, Ugly Kid Joe, Prong, Screaming Jets and XYZ. Also featured were excerpts from panel discussions, awards acceptances and exhibits, serving as a taster for those who could not make it to the event itself.[14]

Foundations Forum '92[edit]

Foundations Forum 92 took place at the Stouffer Concourse Hotel in Los Angeles from October 1–3, 1992. The theme of the convention on its fifth anniversary was the 'evolution of the genre' – exploring where they stood musically, and where they were likely headed.

Foundations Forum 92 was the venue for the World premier screening of 'For Those About to Rock – Monsters in Moscow' featuring AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera and Black Crowes.

Having established the ceremony the previous year, on Saturday night the Concrete Foundations Awards took place as part of the events at the hotel.


  • Top Retail Album: 'Metallica' – Metallica (based on Foundations Charts)
  • Top Radio Cut: 'Mouth For War' – Pantera (based on Foundations Charts)
  • Top Radio Album: 'Metallica' – Metallica (based on Foundations Charts)
  • Top Home Video: 'Rusted Pieces' – Megadeth (based on Foundations Charts)
  • Best Independent Artist: Sepultura (Editors Choice Award)
  • Best Breakthrough Artist: Pearl Jam (Editors Choice Award)
  • Best Hard Music Artist: Soundgarden (Editors Choice Award)
  • The Hard Rockers' Hard Rocker Award: Aerosmith (Award chosen by their professional colleagues)

On the closing night of the convention, the TJ Martell Gambling Casino made another appearance in order to raise money for the charity, following success the previous year.

Panels & Moderators

Panel Moderator
Radio Seminar Don Kaye (MJI Metalshop)
Ragin Retail; How May We Help You? Susan Greenwood (MCA)

Ed Bunker (BMG)

Independent Labels; President's Conclave Brian Slagel
Marketing And The New Technology Mike Shalett[15]
European Market Harry Doherty (Metal Hammer)
Platinum Case Studies Diarmuid Quinn
Getting Your Foot in the Door(and keeping the door open) Jim Cardillo
Feedback From The Fans: A Panel in Reverse Cheryl Valentine (Mercury)

Dyana Kass (Hollywood Records)

Hard Music: The Evolution of The Genre Mike Gitter
Independent Labels: Surviving in Interesting Times Mike Faley (Metal Blade)
Workshop: Artist Endorsements Josh Rikelman (Guitar for the Practicing Musician)
Legal Workshops Joseph Serling (Serling, Rooks, Ungar)
European Marketing: Press & Publicity Harry Doherty (Metal Hammer)
Press: Past, Present & Future Kim Kaiman (Levine/Schneider Public Relations)
Marketing Yourself Marc Reiter (Epic Records)
A&R Panel Mike Bone (Def American Recordings)
Get Into The Ring With Lonn Friend Lonn Friend
Workshop: So You Wanna Be A Guitar Hero? Jonathan Rheingold (Guitar World Magazine)
The Artist Panel Steve Isaacs (MTV)

Brian Slagel's (Metal Blade) Independent Labels Presidents Conclave was a significant meeting for those rock/metal labels which, despite a fair amount of individual success, were under represented at other industry conventions or rarely had their voices heard. This meeting covered significant topics like international distribution, domestic distribution, marketing, merchandising, touring and publicity, and gave the indies a chance to discuss the problems and concerns they shared.[16]

Foundations Forum '92 Sampler CD 1

Artist Song Label
Cathedral Autumn Twilight Columbia Records
Extreme Rest In Peace A&M Records
Kyuss Green Machine Chameleon Records
Dead, White & Blue Chills MCA Records
Non-Fiction Reason To Live Grand Slamm Records
Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face Metal Blade Records
Copperhead Busted Mercury Records
David La Duke Love My Baby SB Records & Tapes
T-Ride Fire It Up Hollywood Records
Praxis Crash Victim Crash Science Navigator Axiom/Island/PLG
Blackjack To Thine Own Self Be True
Tragic Romance Love and Revolution Mother America Records
Vertical After Sellout Undergrowth Records
Skeleton Hit The Floor

Foundations Forum '92 Sampler CD 2

Artist Song Label
Circle of Soul One Man's Poison Hollywood Records
Animal Bag Hate Street Stardog/Mercury Records
Skew Siskin If The Walls Could Talk Giant Records
Exodus A Good Day To Die Capitol Records
Forte Mein Madness Massacre Records
Crystal Pistol Heart of Stone
Condemned Addictive Sounds of Seattle records
Scorcher That Look In Your Eyes
Abby Normal Yard of Toys
Totem Come Fly With Me
Eyewitness Can't Stop
Lazarus Intracranial Mass
False Face Society Confessor
Repulsa I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Foundations Forum '92 Sampler CD 3

Artist Song Label
Pantera Cowboys from Hell (Live in Moscow) Warner Home Video
Arcane Opera Words That Heal
Emerald Zoo What's It Gonna Do For You
Hard Knox Run For The Money
Schnitt Acht Rage Cheetah Records
Cyperus Sanity Management Summit Records
Aragathor Jury of Spyders
Rampage Your Rules
Deadline Do You Believe
Crash 9-teen Sandra Scream
Scarred For Life So Trashy
Yvette D'Luxe & The Ugly Bastards Stripicide 1&2

Foundations Forum 93[edit]

Foundations Forum 93 took place from September 9, 1993 to September 11, 1993 at the Burbank Hilton and Convention Center in LA.

Artists showcasing at this year's event included KISS, Scorpions, Schnitt Acht, Souls at Zero, My Sisters Machine, The Big F, Accept, Quicksand, La Salle, The Scream, I Mother Earth, Greta, Mind Bomb, Strip Mind, White Trash, Tad and Crowbar.

Panel Moderator
Rock Intensive Radio Matt Pollack (Atco Records)
College Radio Toxic Tommy Delaney (Concrete Marketing)
Independent Distribution Craig Minor (Valley Record Distribution)
Youth Marketing; Getting a Piece of the Pie Jim Cardillo (Warner/Chappell)
Do Your Own Press Jodi Jacobsen (A&M Records)
Understanding Soundscan Mike Fine (SoundScan)
The Changing Face of Retail Lou Mann (Capitol Records)
Do Your Own Videos Peter Spirer (Metropolis Productions)
Understanding BDS George Chaltas (BDS)
Kids Say The Darndest Things Mike Fine (SoundScan)
International Panel Harry Doherty (Metal Hammer)
College Radio 101 (Workshop) Toxic Tommy Delaney (Concrete Marketing)
Media & Technology: Reshaping the Music Biz David Santaniello (Columbia Records)
Women's Opportunities Gerri Miller (Metal Edge)
Doing Your Own Demos Ross Elliot (Ross Elliot Management)
Ask Mr Slagel Brian Slagel (Metal Blade)
Legal Workshops Joseph Serling (Serling, Rooks & Ungar)
War Stories: A View From The Trenches Lonn Friend (RIP Magazine)
Press Panel Chris Morris (Billboard Magazine)
Booking Yourself Dan DeVita (Circular Evidence)
Merchandising Felix Sebacious (Blue Grape Merchandising)
The Politics of Pot: Music, Mores and Marijuana Harry Crossfield (High Times Magazine)
Takin It to the Streets; Marketing Hard Music in the 90s Brad Pollak (A&M Records)
Interactive Media Scotty Page (Interactive)
A&R Panel Danny Goldberg (Atlantic)
Artist Panel Michael McKean (Spinal Tap, Airheads)

The artist panel this year featured Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Stevie Blaze (Lillian Axe), Jesse DuPree (Jackyl) and Rob Zombie (White Zombie).

Foundations Forum 93 CD Sampler Disc 1

Artist Song Label
Shootyz Groove The Crave Mercury Records
Damn the Machine I Will A&M Records
The Big F Wicked Thing Chrysalis/ERG
Souls at Zero Grey World Energy Records
Prong Snap Your Fingers Epic Records/Concrete Management
Mercyful Fate Is That You Melissa Metal Blade
David La Duke Rock and Roll Fever SB Records & Tapes
Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name Capitol Records
Schnitt Acht The War Has Begun CDG Records
Galactic Cowboys Ranch on Mars Geffen Records/Concrete Management
Spiders and Sankes 2000 Rock and Roll
Nasty Licks Silence Man
Bullzai Stay
Ivory Tower Hit and Run
Cold Ethyl Hammerdown

Foundations Forum 93 CD Sampler Disc 2

Artist Song Label
The Scream Kool World Hollywood Records
Flotsam & Jetsam News To Me MCA Records
Haze & Shuffle Whatch Ya Do With Me Arista
Love/Hate Spinning Wheel
Paradise Lost True Belief Metal Blade
Lonn Friend & Dave 'Snake' Sabo I Dismember You
Kyuss Demon Cleaner Chameleon Records
Angels in Exile Time For a Killing
Clockhammer Losing A Thousand Days
Mutha's Day out Locked Chrysalis
Ikki Crane Time and Again
Mary Suicide Taste Me
Muzza Chunka Float Arista Records

Foundations Forum 93 CD Sampler Disc 3

Artist Song Label
Stick Grind Arista Records
The Almighty Powertrippin' Polydor records
I Mother Earth Not Quite Sonic Capitol Records
Sugar Tooth Black Queen Revolution/Capitol Records
Tad Greasebox Mechanic/Giant
White Trash Minor Happiness Elektra
Dogma Crying Souls For The Damned
Vertical After Crime Pays Undergrowth records
Soulgrind Lost and Found
School Boy Crush To Your Knees
Untaymd Desperately Delirious
Double Action No Man's Land

Foundations Forum '94[edit]

Foundations Forum '94 took place at the Burbank Hilton Hotel in LA from September 7–9, 1994. The special address was given by Ted Nugent and Mercury Records provided a launch party at the Palace in Hollywood featuring performances by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Animal Bag, Shootyz Groove, Downset and Kerbdog.

Bands showcasing this year included Bile, Biohazard, Bruce Dickinson, Downset, Dream Theater, Drown, Fates Warning, Korn, Machine Head, Yngwie Malmsteen, Monster Voodoo Machine, My Head, Overkill, Wickerman, Wool, Dead Orchestra, Engines of Aggression, Juster, Wood, Paradise Lost, Planet Hate, Po' Boy Swing, Pushmonkey, Raven, Blackthorne and Vertical After.

Panel Moderator
Commercial Radio Sue Naramore (Geffen Records)
College Radio Sharon Joffe (Arista Records)
Independent Labels Tom Lipsky (CMC International)
International 'Europe: Independent Route to Success' Andy Black (Music For Nations)
Management Workshop Jim Pitulski (Round Table Entertainment)
Grammy Professional Forum National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
Retail Focus Group Bob Cahill (EMI Records)
'Is There Life After Death?' Frank Dancsecs (Ace's Records)
Publishing Workshop Dexter Moore (BMI)
Maximising Video Exposure Souxsie Crawford (Bohemia Afterdark)
Guitar Clinic Yngwie Malmsteen
College Radio 101 Chainsaw (Mechanic Records)
Consumer focus Group Dyana Kass (Hollywood Records)

Linnea Nann (Warner Bros. Records)

More War Stories Dee Snider
Free Legal Advice Joseph Serling (Serling Rooks & Ungar)
Marketing Jayne Simon (Geffen Records)
Press Katherine Turman (RIP Magazine)
Emerging Radio Technologies Susan Greenwood (MCA Records)
Pick Brian's Brain Brian Slagel (Metal Blade)
Women's Opportunities Gerri Miller (Metal Edge Magazine)
Touring Andy Gould (Concrete Management)
Underground Press Jerry Rutherford (CuriousGoods)
Engineering Workshop Freddie Piro (Ocean Studio)
A&R Panel Brian Slagel (Metal Blade)
Legal Workshop Joseph Serling (Serling, Rooks & Ungar)
Artist Panel Vanessa Warwick (MTV Europe)

Foundations Forum '94 CD Sampler – CD 1

Artist Song Label
White Zombie Children of the Grave Columbia Records
Fates Warning Outside Looking In Metal Blade Records
Monster Magnet Negasonic Teenage Warhead A&M Records
C.O.C Broken Man Columbia Records
Gilby Clarke Cure Me... Or Kill Me Virgin Records
Machine Head Davidian Roadrunner Records
David La Duke Satisfaction (A Stones Tribute) SB Discs and Tapes
Silence Sound of the Rain CEG Records
Joey Vera Laughing in the Light Metal Blade Records
Mobius Filling My Shoes
Mary's Magnet Number Nine
Paradise Lost True Belief Music For Nations
Hate Face Skin

Foundations Forum '94 CD Sampler – CD 2

Artist Song Label
Animal Bag Spirits of Grass Mercury Records
Wool Kill The Crow London Records
Carcass Embodiment Earache/Columbia Records
Drown Transparent Elektra Records
Bourbon Lies Love Me One More Time
Reason Being The Vibe
Metal Sky Craz Hot Girl Tonight
Vertical After Stab the Cheese Undergrowth Records
Bullets 4 Breakfast Extreme Hostile Intent Coldwar Records
Arsinal The Window
Mystic Force Divinity Within (Reach for Tomorrow)
Ramrod Listen... As I Die

Foundations Forum '94 CD Sampler – CD 3

Artist Song Label
Arcade Angry Epic Records
Testament Low Atlantic Records
LAROXX Suicide
Frontline Heaven Knows Signo Records
Talon Cold Hard Ground
Blister'd Toad Lost Child
Swamp Candles The Philadelphia Song
Dirty Dealin Remember
Bad Angels Borderline Skull Train Records
Alien Strange Final Exit
Illegal The Opponent
Cinnamon Stanley

Foundations Forum '94 CD Sampler – CD 4

Artist Song Album
My Head Carnasaur Imago Records
Dream Theater Lie Eastwest Records
Atomic Opera Joyride Collision Arts/Giant
Wicker Man Shitkicker Imago Records
Aerosol Death of a TV Junkie Stone Lizard Records
Rising Sun Gypsy Arabian Caravan
Bad Biscuit Masturbation Cathedral Records
Fat Bastid Soldier
Snydley Whiplash Dizzy Space Hard As A Rock Productions
Brood Lack of Motivation
Vicious Rumours No Fate GTM Management
Ultra Violet Vinny PNB
Peace Sanctuary No Pain Hard as a Rock Productions

Foundations Forum '95[edit]

Foundations Forum '95 was hosted from Thursday September 7 – Saturday September 9, 1995 by the Burbank Hilton in Los Angeles, California. It was to be the last forum of its kind, with plans for a new format taking shape for future meets.

Panel Moderator
Active Rock Radio: An Alternative to What? John Fagot (Hollywood Records)
The College Metal Radio Gameshow Smitty (Epic Records)
Independent Distribution Lou Gerard Musumeci (Feedback Distribution)
Europe: Melting The Metal Carsten Stricker (Verstarker)
Underground Video Beth Lasch (F# TV)
Demo Critique Marc Ferrari (Red Engine Music)
Retail Panel Ray Godas (Concrete Marketing)
Canada: Northern Exposure Lyle Chausse (CFOX)
Underground Press Mike Diana
College Radio 101: Building The Better Metal Show Jill Castellano (Victory Records)
HArd Rock In The 90s Gerri Miller (Metal Edge Magazine)
The Japanese Market Kuni Takeuchi (Virgin/EMI)
Publishing Workshop Ron Sobel (ASCAP)
Even More War Stories Peter Criss (KISS)
Publicity: The Anatomy of a Good Interview Don Kaye (Kerrang/Pure Concrete)
Marketing: Doing More With Less Jim Cardillo (Warner Chappell)
Pick Brian's Brain Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)
How to Get a Record Deal Joseph L. Serling (Serling, Rooks & Ungar)
London to Longbeach: Generations of Punks Bill Stevenson (All)
Developing Technologies: The Future of Marketing Fred Ehrlich (Columbia Records)
Management Workshop Marc Reiter (Q Prime)
Free Legal Advice Joseph L. Serling (Serling, Rooks & Ungar)
Touring Nick Light (Mercury Records)
Introduction to the Internet Alarik Skarstrom (Skartrax Entertainment)
Profile of the Hard Music Audience Mike Shalett (Soundscan)[17]
Grammy Hard Music Forum A&R Panel Mike Bone (IRS Records)
Artist Panel

Foundations Forum '95 Sampler CD – Disc 1

Artist Song
Season to Risk Bloodugly
Monster Magnet Look To Your Orbs For The Warning
Down Stone The Crow
Mr Mirainga Double Martini
GZR The Invisible
Skold PAMF
David La Duke Psychedelic Sandwich
Sea of Souls Water
Shrine Sadistic Love
Movida Against It All
Spine Lotion
Mortal Remains Welcome

Foundations Forum '95 Sampler CD – Disc 2

Artist Song
Excel Unenslaved
Super Junky Monkey Buckin The Bolts
Six Feet Under Silent Violence
Mindride Boot
Metal Sky Craz Exotating
United Revenger
Endless Distrust Trauma
Supafuzz Bushhog
Stonehenge Until
Tamisry Wasted Time
Odyssey And Justice For Some
Mindset Curse
Kill Culture The Hate

Foundations Forum '95 Sampler CD – Disc 3

Artist Song
Testament The Legacy
Dimestore Hoods Life In The Asylum
Sly Shut Up & Buy
Big Fear Someday
The Art of Zapping SOS
Royal Hunt Wasted Time
1000 Mona Lisas Girlfriendy
Vertical After Summoned to Swill
Dragon Aerogator Band feat. Agent 3 You Were The One I Hated
World Bang Skin
Dark Truth Garden of Stone
Amethyst Hardwear
Chapter Seven The Question

Foundations Forum '95 Sampler CD – Disc 4

Artist Song
Paw Death to Traitors
Sullen Mr Mister
Godhead The Answer
Souls at Zero Strip
Cybicus The Truth of The Game
Strain Bite
Rahowa The Snow Fell
Love Lode Butterhorn
Sufferbus Metamorphine
Sonipath Brace Yourself
Stanley Low Maintenance Man
GMS The Beginning

F MusicFest '96[edit]

As indicated the previous year, the event took on a different format for the meeting in 1996. The organizers decided this year to return to their roots and rather than doing another convention under one roof, they chose instead to branch out. Rather than feature 30 bands under one roof, they presented over 200 of them across 16 clubs from in and around the Hollywood and West Hollywood area. The name also changed from Foundations Forum, to F Musicfest, and the line up changed to become more varied in terms of genre than in previous years. Key elements remained from conventions past including the many panels and a focus issue – this year, drugs.

Concrete/Foundations presented the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award to Van Halen during the event.

Panels this year included:

Panel Moderator
The NARAS Panel: Sex, Death & Rock n Roll Mike Green (NARAS)
College Radio: Buying Indie Street Cred Kim Burke (Concrete Marketing)
Retail: Life in The Cash Lane Dutch Cranblitt (Hollywood Records)
Tour Marketing Jennifer Perry (Hear We Go Again)
Press/Publicity: About Face Roy Trakin (HITS)
New Technology: What Does This Button Do? Rob Lord (Rocktropolis)
War Stories: 10 Years After Rudy Sarzo (Sarzo Music)
Soundtracks: The Big Score John McHugh (Tristar)
Music Biz 101 Jess Taylor (LA Music Network)
Publishing: The Other A&R Folks Jim Cardillo (Warner/Chappelle)
Radio: Good Morning... You're Fired. Mike Halloran (KUPR)
The Velvet Rope: Vital Music Industry Pipeline or Record Business National Enquirer? Julie Gordon (The Velvet Rope)
Management: The Babysitters Club Paul V (Cloudbreak Management)
Indie: Is The Dream Alive? John Szuch (Deep Elm)
Radio: All Stations Created Equal, But Some More Equal Than Others Roland West (KITS)
A&R Demo Critique: Reality Check Hugo Burnham
Artist Panel: The Great Attender

Venues and Showcases

Moguls: Melvins, Knapsack, The Lemons, Jimmy Eat World, 3 Penny Needle, Three Mile Pilot.

Teaszer A: Coal Chamber, Downset, Abscess, Strife, Bloodlet, A.O.A., Nothingface, Ramp, I.4.N.I., The Back Alley Gators, the MF Pitbulls, Sexpod, NEar death Experience, The Violet Burning, Dead Birds, Padded Cell, Cynical, Tribe 8.

Smalls: Copperpot, Sunset Heights, Ms. 45, Punkinucle, Stone, Suncatcher, Chopper One, Frank Lloyd Vynl, Volebeats, Haynes Boys, Jackie On Acid, Tongue, The Black Watch, Ether.

The Viper Room: Revolux, 9 Iron, Likehell, Cellophane, Epperly, Choreboy, Brand New Unit, Coal, Placebo, Slightly Stoopid, Metal Molly, Les Claypool, Holy Mackerel, The Underbellys, The Ziggens.

The Martini Lounge: Super Junky Monkey, Crowbar, Hed, Drill, Dimestore Hoods, Killing Culture, Mind Heavy Mustard, Foreskin 500, Spahn Ranch, Headcrash, The Notwist, Skold, 16Volt.

Hell's Gate: Hollow, Mindrot, Flambooky, December, Torment, Shoegazer, The Phoids, Stanley, Jud, Scraggly Jane, Cradle of Thorns, The Drugs, Wingnut Supreme.

Roxy: Sugartooth, Snot, Powerman 5000, Flood, Man Will Surrender, Salmon, Expanding Man, Agnes Gooch, Silverjet, Plexi, Ednaswap, triplefastaction, Beer Nuts, Humble Gods, Lidsville, Frontside.

Palace: Ugly Kid Joe, Motörhead, W.A.S.P., Supersuckers, House of Pain, Unwritten Law, 22 Jacks, Save Ferris, B-FAM, LA Guns, Warrant, Body Count, Stuck Mojo.

Troubadour: Maids of Gravity, Remy Zero, Haynes Boys, Perfect, Thermadore, Horny Toad!, Buck O Nine, Nerf Rider, Meal Ticket, The Grabbers, Mensclub, Johnny Bravo, Dakota Wildflowers, Sludge Nation.

Opium Den: Lo Preshur, Tories, Dashboard Prophets, Reejers, Fat Army, Lawsuit, Godplow, Don Knotts Overdrive, Battershell, FroSTed, Pennydreadful, haynuckle.

Whiskey: Kilgore Smudge, Man Is The Bastard, Brutal Juice, Neurosis, Red Dye No. 5, Wardog, Galactic Cowboys, Sacred Reich, Flotsam & Jetsam, Dogma, Molly Maguire, Far, Samiam, Crawlspace, Lit, Extra Fancy.

Jack's Sugar Shack: Smart Brown Handbag, Neverlast, Her Majesty The Baby, Inflatable Soul, Zoe, Kevin Hunter, Tribe of Gypsies, The Bill White Acre.

Luna Park 1: Radar Bros, Negro Problem, Black Moon Graffiti, Sparkler, Love Jones.

Billboard Live: Palomar, Five-Eight, Sweet Vine, Haynes Boys, Fountains of Wayne, Super 8, The Verve Pipe, Sufferbus.

Jack's: Customers, Blues Saraceno, Belltower, Bigelf.

F MusicFest '97[edit]

Panels this year included:

Panel Moderator
Tour Marketing Larry Weintraub (A&M Records)
Lifestyle Marketing: Sports Marketing & The Music Industry John Boyle (Extreme Consulting)
Music Industry 101: Learn From The Pros Elliot Cahn (Cahn Man)
Artist Development Alan Brown (Warner Bros. Records, Reprise)
Retail Jason Whittington, Geffen Records
Merchandising David Johnson (J Artist Management/Merch)
Music Publishing Ira Jaffe (Famous Music)
Press/Publicity Roy Trakin (HITS)
War Stories: The Truth Is Out There Tommy Nast (Album Network)
Anatomy of a Record Contract Paul Menes (Menes Law Corp)
Internet Marketing Todd Steinman (Warner Bros.)
Management Dave Frey (Silent Partner)
Getting Signed: The Next Day Tony Ferguson (Interscope)
A&R Demo Critique Hugo Burnham (EMI Publishing)
Radio: College, Young Guns In Radio, Metal Radio Evolution
Artist Panel

Venues & Showcases

Hollywood Palladium: Offspring, L7

Opium Den: Other Star People, The Four Postmen, Farmer, DJ Sean Perry, Fluorescein, Amnesia, Sparkler, Tomorrowpeople, Wild Colonials, Dogstar, Mr Mirainga, Triple Fast action. The Risk Records Showcase was also held here and featured the Autumns, Go! Dog! Go!, Jack Off Jill and Ozomatli.

Alligator Lounge: Mineral, Crumb, Knapsack, Slush, Pink Noise Test, Number One Cup and Regatta 69

Whisky A Go-Go: Nebula, Lit, Salmon, Slo Burn, Killingculture, Anthrax, Sevendust, Crushed. Camel also presented a night here featuring Silverjet and aMiniature.

Billboard Live: The Uninvited, Long Beach Dub Stars and Big Elf.

Coconut Teazer: Swamp Boogie Queen, Mother Superior, Blake Morgan, Rat Bat Blue, Lucid, System of a Down, Flambookey, Manhole, Aunt Betty, Monet, Tree of Love, Lilyvolt, No.9.

Highland Grounds: Elmore Lang, Clear, Nick St Nicholas, Michael Monarch.

The Palace: Sly, Quiet Riot, Raven, Green Jelly, Strapping Young Lad, Exodus and Testament.

Jack's Sugar Shack: Michelle Lewis, Jason Faulkner, Brent Fraser, Phil Cody, Tim Burlingame, Crown Jewels, Honky, The Piersons, The Hutchinson, Maria Fatal, The Love Revival, Coal and Marshall Coleman.

Martini Lounge: Dubwar, Sparkmarker, Cast Iron Hike, Voodoo, Rubberneck, Near Death Experience, Hollow, Def Con Sound System, Skrew, Mess, the Drugs, Flood, Loungefly and Fat Amy.

Moguls: Plastiscene, Gorgeous, Vitapup, Yortiose, Los Cincos, Plimpton and Clawhammer.

Roxy: Events at the Roxy kicked off with the Geffen Records showcase featuring Extra Fancy, Human Waste Project and Total Chaos. BAM Magazine also held a party here with performances from Sexpod, Powerman 5000, Incubus, Spank and Hed PE. Other bands performing here as part of the festival included The Aquabats, Amen, Vitamin L, Dial 7 and Backside.

Viper Room: The Cunninghams, Issa Joone, Daddy Longhead, Beer Nuts

The Garage: Stillsuit, Will Haven, Ignite, Strife and Snapcase

Atlas: Liquid Soul


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