Fountain for Company H

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Fountain for Company H
Fountain for Company H, 2015.jpg
The fountain in 2015
Fountain for Company H is located in Portland, Oregon
Fountain for Company H
Fountain for Company H
Location in Portland, Oregon
Artist John H. Beaver
Year 1914 (1914)
Type Fountain, sculpture
Medium Limestone
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Coordinates 45°30′58″N 122°40′40″W / 45.51617°N 122.67777°W / 45.51617; -122.67777Coordinates: 45°30′58″N 122°40′40″W / 45.51617°N 122.67777°W / 45.51617; -122.67777

Fountain for Company H, also known as the Second Oregon Company Volunteers Fountain,[1][2][3] is an outdoor limestone fountain and war memorial designed by John H. Beaver, located in the Plaza Blocks in downtown Portland, Oregon, in the United States. Dedicated to the men of Company H of the 2nd Oregon Volunteer Infantry Regiment killed in service in the Philippine–American War, it was installed in Lownsdale Square in 1914.[4]

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Fountain in Honor of Company H, Second Oregon Volunteers (Portland, Oregon) (1914), University of Oregon Libraries