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Four-mod seventeen mag.jpg
Four-Mod at the 6th Anniversary of seventeen Magazine Concert
Background information
Origin Bangkok, Thailand
Genres Pop
Years active 2005–2015
Labels Kamikaze
RS Promotion
Past members Sakolrat Woraurai (Four)
Napapat Wattanakamolwut (Mod)

Four-Mod (โฟร์-มด) is a Thai pop duo consisting of two girls, Four and Mod, formed in 2005.

In 2004, Four Mod released their debut single/song "Hai Jai Pen Tur", which stayed at number one for several weeks, ensuring their debut success. Since then, they have been releasing a string of consecutive number one hits.


Their debut single "Hai Jai Pen Tur" was a success.[citation needed] Their second single, "Love Love", was even more successful, debuting at number one and staying atop for various weeks, and the album had similar success.[citation needed] Their third single, "Dek Mee Ban Haa," was just as successful, and they released a third album, a mini album titled Woo!.

In 2012, Mod joined popular project group Seven Days as part of its second generation members.

In 2014, the group announced that the pair would part ways to work on their personal projects. Mod has decided to become a full-time actress, as Four has decided to open a floral shop called Morning Glory.


  • "Four" (Sakolrat Woraurai) (ศกลรัตน์ วรอุไร) She graduate bachelor's degree from Ramkhamhaeng
  • "Mod" (Napapat Wattanakamolwut) (ณปภัช วัฒนากมลวุฒิ) She graduate from Bangkok University



  • (2005) Four-Mod
  • (2006) LOVE LOVE
  • (2007) Wooo!
  • (2008) In Wonderland
  • (2008) Go! Go!
  • (2009) We Will Love U
  • (2010) Hello Four-Mod
  • (2012) I AM FOUR MOD
  • (2013) CLUB FM