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Blue haze.JPG
Composition by Miles Davis
from the album Blue Haze
Released 1954
Recorded March 15 and April 3, 1954
Genre Jazz
Length 4:03[1]
Label Prestige
Composer(s) Miles Davis
Producer(s) Bob Weinstock, Ira Gitler
Blue Haze track listing


  1. I'll Remember April
  2. Four
  3. Old Devil Moon
  4. Smooch
  5. Blue Haze
  6. When Lights are Low
  7. Tune Up
  8. Miles Ahead

"Four" is a 1954 jazz standard. It was first recorded in 1954 by Miles Davis and released in 1956 on his album Blue Haze.[2] The song composition officially credits Miles Davis as the writer. There is some controversy that the real author may be another jazz musician.

Controversy about authorship[edit]

The American jazz saxophonist Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson has claimed ownership for the song,[3] although it was originally credited to jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.[4]


Four begins with an ascending major second, the composition is a 32 bar ABAC form.[5]


The following artists have covered this composition.

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross use Davis's solo on their 1958 album "The Swingers" which caused some conflict between Hendricks and Davis. [8]


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