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The Four Boxes Gallery is a modern art gallery in the grounds of Krabbesholm Højskole near Skive, Denmark. The gallery was designed by the Japanese architects Atelier Bow-Wow, and is a three-storey building conceived as four stacked boxes used to exhibit work by both students of the Krabbesholm Højskole and invited artists.[1] The school arranges 6-8 exhibitions each year featuring the work of artists, architects and designers from Denmark and abroad.[2]

The 250 square meter gallery is set on the green lawn of the school between the Craftsmen’s School and the red brick Idé-Pro factory.[3] The modern concrete structure is designed as four stacked boxes. The lower two boxes form outdoor galleries and an indoor gallery. The box in the middle is a smaller exhibition room, and the box at the top is a private workshop and living space for the artist in residence.[4] The building has been described as "quintessentially Japanese, yet also strangely oversized and villa-like, as it extends the built vocabulary of the school with its clear-cut concrete edges".[3] According to Momoyo Kaijima, one of the architects, "We tried to obtain a fusion between space and light, in a way to create 'gap spaces', that is the leftover spaces in between the four boxes which bring light into the building".[5]


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