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Four Courts Press is an Irish academic publishing house.

It was founded in 1970 by Michael Adams, a managing director at Irish University Press and a member of Opus Dei.[1][2] After Irish University Press collapsed, Adams joined Irish Academic Press in 1974 with Four Courts Press as an imprint.[1][2][3] Its early publications were primarily theological, notably the English translation of the Navarre Bible.[1] However, from 1992 it expanded into publishing peer-reviewed works in Celtic Studies, Medieval Studies and Ecclesiastical History. Later publications ranged into Modern History, Art, Literature and Law.[4]

Four Courts Press currently has around 500 titles in print and publishes up to 70 new works each year. It is now Ireland's most active academic publishing house.[1]

The Press has an office at 7 Malpas Street, Dublin.[4]

Michael Adams died on 13 February 2009.[1]


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