Four Dogs Playing Poker

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Four Dogs Playing Poker
Four Dogs Playing Poker DVD cover.jpeg
DVD cover
Directed by Paul Rachman
Produced by Steven Hoffman
Matt Salinger
Written by Shawn David Thompson credited as Thomas Durham
William Oust
Starring Stacy Edwards
Balthazar Getty
Daniel London
Olivia Williams
Tim Curry
Music by Brian Tyler
Cinematography Claudio Rocha
Edited by Conrad M. Gonzalez
Distributed by Warner Home Video
Release date
  • 2000 (2000)
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Four Dogs Playing Poker is a 2000 crime thriller directed by Paul Rachman starring Stacy Edwards, Balthazar Getty, Olivia Williams, Daniel London and Tim Curry.


A group of friends steal a valuable statuette for a ruthless art dealer. The amateur thieves botch the delivery of the statuette and the art dealer demands that they pay him $1 million by the end of the week or face the consequences: certain death.

Desperate, the friends decide to take out a $1 million life insurance policy on one of themselves with the idea that if one of them is sacrificed, the others will collect on the policy and be able pay off the art dealer. What follows is a reckoning: The friends enter into a lethal lottery to choose who will be the victim and who will be the killer.


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