Four Holy Beasts

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The Four Holy Beasts (Vietnamese: Tứ Linh or Tứ Thánh Thú[1]) are the Vietnamese equivalents of the Chinese astronomical and cultural Four Benevolent Animals. They include the Vietnamese dragon (Long) in the East, the Qilin (Lân) in the West, the Turtle (Quy) in the North, and the Phoenix (Phụng) in the South.

Ho Chi Minh City[edit]

In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), there are four areas named after the beasts in Suối Tiên Park. They are the Thuỷ Long Palace, the Kỳ Lân Palace, the Kim Quy Lake, and the Phượng Hoàng Palace.

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  1. ^ Also translated within Vietnam as the Four Saint Beasts.