Four Hundred Years

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Four Hundred Years
Origin Tucson, Arizona, United States
Genres Post-hardcore, emo, indie rock, hardcore punk
Instruments vocals, guitars, drums
Years active 1996–2000
Labels Lovitt Records
Associated acts Policy of 3, Bats & Mice, R.A.M.B.O. Groundwork
Past members Daron Hollowell, Ash Bruce, Erin Housholder, Dave Jackson.

Four Hundred Years was a punk rock band.


Four Hundred Years began in Tucson, Arizona, following the break-up of Groundwork, and eventually found a home in Richmond, Virginia. The band's albums capture a frenzy of hardcore intensity, built around simultaneously emotional and political themes. Four Hundred Years formed in 1996 with Daron Hollowell on vocals and guitar, Ash Bruce on drums, Erin Housholder on bass and Dave Jackson on guitar and vocals. The band began to write intense hardcore songs with a sound descended from Rites of Spring, Fugazi and Hoover. Their full-length debut, Transmit Failure was released on Lovitt Records in September 1998. The record combined melody and dissonance stunningly and the group soon found themselves with a large, loyal following. Suture and Other Songs was released in 1999. In 2000, after a lineup change, with Bull (bass, formerly of Policy of Three and Montag) replacing Erin Housholder, The New Imperialism was released on Lovitt.

Upon the completion of recording The New Imperialism they played four final shows on the east coast before disbanding.

After Four Hundred Years[edit]

Daron Hollowell and Ash Bruce went on to join Bats and Mice with David NeSmith and Ben Davis, formerly of Sleepytime Trio; a band whose music belies its hardcore roots with gentle, melodic and experimental rock. Later, Daron and Ash also worked together in a project named Delegate.


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