Four Last Things (video game)

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Four Last Things
Four Last Things steam banner.jpg
Designer(s)Joe Richardson
Writer(s)Joe Richardson
Platform(s)Windows, Android, iOS
  • WW: 23 February 2017
Genre(s)Point-and-click adventure

Four Last Things is a point-and-click adventure video game (see List of graphic adventure games). Made by Joe Richardson, it came out on 23 February 2017[1] for Windows, Android, and iOS.

PCGamer said that the game was a “Monty Python-esque, painterly point and click.”[1]

Four Last Things has animated paintings that have been stitched together into a game world.[2]

It has a sequel, The Procession to Calvary.


The game, its concept, and its art were given a fairly decent review in PC Gamer, although the lack of a manual save function was criticized.[2]

It was nominated for Best Art at the Independent Games Festival's award show in Brazil in June 2017.[5]

The International Business Times included it on a list of eight “innovative” indie games at the London Games Festival.[6] The IBT liked the “witty writing” of Richardson, the use of the public domain Renaissance-era paintings, and that the game allowed you to slap bishops.[6]


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