Four Loves

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For the C. S. Lewis book, see The Four Loves.
Four Loves
DVD cover
Chinese 表妹
Mandarin Wǎnjūn Biǎomèi
Literally Cousin Wan-chun
Directed by Li Hsing
Produced by Hu Chien-chung
Screenplay by Chou Hsu-chiang
Based on Wan-chun's Three Loves
by Chiung Yao
Cinematography Lai Cheng-ying
Edited by Shen Yeh-kang
Central Motion Pictures
Release date
  • August 24, 1965 (1965-08-24)
Running time
102 minutes
Country Taiwan
Language Mandarin

Four Loves is a 1965 Taiwanese film directed by Li Hsing, based on Chiung Yao's 1964 novelette Wan-chun's Three Loves. This was the first ever film based on Chiung Yao's fiction.


  • Tang Pao-yun as Hsia Wan-chun
  • Chiang Ming as Chou Po-chien
    • Yan Li as Chou Po-chien (child)
  • Wong Yung as Chou Chung-kang
    • Yu Chi-kung as Chou Chung-kang (child)
  • Feng Hai as Chou Shu-hao
    • Pa Ke as Chou Shu-hao (child)
  • Wei Su as Father Chou
  • Fuh Bih-huei as Mother Chou
  • Betty Ting Pei as Wan-chun's classmate
  • Ting Chiang as Teacher Huang
  • Pan Chieh-yi as She Ma


1966 Golden Horse Awards

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