Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu

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Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu
"Behind the scenes at an Edo puppet theater of 1690"
Author Chikamatsu Monzaemon; Keene wrote the Preface, the Introduction, and the two appendices
Translator Donald Keene
Illustrator Not listed
Cover artist Benjamin S. Farber
Country USA
Language English
Series as "Major Plays of Chikamatsu", was Number LXVI of the "Records of Civilization Sources and Studies"; it was also included in the "Japanese Translations Series" of the UNESCO Collection of Representative Works[1]. Also part of Columbia University Press's "Translations from the Asian Classics"
Genre Drama
Publisher Columbia University Press
Publication date
the 4 plays, 1961; with Preface, 1998
Media type Print (softcover )
Pages 220 pages
ISBN 0-231-11101-0 (1998 Columbia University Press edition)
OCLC 37904817
895.6/232 21
LC Class PL793.4 .A6 1998

Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu is a collection of four major dramas by the famous Japanese playwright Chikamatsu Monzaemon. The four plays were first translated by Donald Keene in 1961, and have appeared in various collections and books over the years; Four Major Plays contains a Preface, an Introduction, and two appendices in addition, and is published by Columbia University Press.

The Preface gives a more popular account of matters, mentioning that Keene's translations of the plays have actually been performed; the lengthy introduction gives a brief biographical sketch of Chikamatsu and a discussion of various literary features and other background useful for understanding Chikamatsu's plays.




The two appendices are:

  • A Note on Prostitution in Chikamatsu's Plays
  • Contemporary Puppet Performances of Chikamatsu's Plays