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The Four Pillars of the Green Party are a foundational statement of Green politics and form the basis of many worldwide Green parties.[citation needed] Different Green Parties that list the Four Pillars phrase them somewhat differently.[1] In general, the four pillars define a Green Party as a political movement that interrelates its philosophy from four different social movements: the environmental movement, the labour movement, the civil rights movement, and the peace movement.

The Four Pillars are:

4 pillars the Greens

At the 2001 Canberra Global Gathering delegates for Green Parties from 72 countries decided upon a Global Greens Charter which proposes six key principles.

6 pillars of the Greens

History of the Four Pillars[edit]

For the Australian Greens, they are known as "Ecological sustainability", "Social and economic justice", "Peace and nonviolence", and "Grassroots democracy".

For the German Greens (Die Grünen/Bündnis 90), they are known as "ökologisch", "sozial", "basisdemokratisch" and "gewaltfrei" (latter is non-violent).

For the Swedish Greens (Miljöpartiet de Gröna), in the 1980s they were called the Four Solidarities: "Solidarity with the ecological systems", "Solidarity with the people throughout the world", "Solidarity with future generations", and "Solidarity with the underprivileged people in our own country". Today they omit the pillar of Solidarity with the underprivileged, leaving them with the Three Solidarities: "Solidarity with animals, nature and the ecological system", "Solidarity with future generations", and "Solidarity with all the world’s people."

On the global level, the Six Principles of the Global Greens Charter - which at the Global Greens conference of 2001 were arrived upon as a compromise of the North American and European traditions - added Respect for diversity and Sustainability.

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