Four Riders

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Four Riders
Directed by Chang Cheh
Produced by Runme Shaw
Screenplay by Chang Cheh
Ni Kuang
Starring David Chiang
Ti Lung
Chen Kuan-Tai
Wang Chung
Yasuaki Kurata
Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio
Release dates
22 December 1972 (1972-12-22)
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Four Riders, aka Hellfighters of the East, is a 1972 Hong Kong film directed by Chang Cheh.[1] It stars David Chiang, Ti Lung Chen Kuan-Tai, Wang Chung and Yasuaki Kurata.

Four Riders was produced by Shaw Studios and distributed in the U.S. as "Strike 4 Revenge" by World Northal Corp. in 1983.