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The Four big families of Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港四大家族)[1] are an initial group of Chinese families. Today, the Big Four families and their descendants are Fortune Global 500 companies with multinational corporations and listings from the London Stock Exchange to the New York Stock Exchange. Along with their European mostly British rivals in colonial Hong Kong, they were responsible for much of the foundations of the territory including its economy, finance, and trade, whilst the British government provided the first codified legal system which until then and in most of China today, was lacking. The four big families begin with the Chinese surname Li, Ho, Hui and Lo. Respectively the head of four families are Li Sek-peng (李石朋), Robert Ho (何東), Hui Oi-chow (許愛周) and Lo Man Kam (羅文錦).[1] Today the two families most recognizable by regular Hong Kong citizens are the Li and Ho group descendants.[1]


The following families and their descendants are listed below. Each indentation is at least one generation down, but not necessarily the next generation. Not all the descendants are shown. Most members of these families have reached tycoon status.

Li family notables[edit]

  • Li Shek-pang (李石朋, 1863–1916) also known as Li Pui-choi (李佩材) - Originally from Guangdong
    • Li Koon-chun (李冠春, 1887–1966) - Founder of Bank of East Asia, Director of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Po Leung Kuk[2]
      • Li Fook-shu (李福樹, 1912–95) - Council member of Chinese University of Hong Kong[3]
        • David Li Kwok-po (李國寶, 1939–) - Chairman, Bank of East Asia, "[1]." Member of LegCo, ExCo, and HK Basic Law Drafting Committee
          • Adrian Li (李民橋, 1973–) Co-CEO, Bank of East Asia, CPPC Delegate
          • Brian Li (李民斌, 1974–) Co-CEO, Bank of East Asia, CPPC Delegate
        • Arthur Li Kwok-cheung (李國章, 1945–) - Hong Kong Secretary for Education & Manpower (2002-2007), ExCo Member, CPPC Delegate, Council member of the University of Hong Kong
      • Simon Li (李福善, 1922–2013) - CPPC Delegate, HK Basic Law Drafting Committee, Candidate for HK Chief Executive (1996)
        • Gladys Li (李志喜, 1948–) - Senior Counsel, former Chairwoman, HK Bar Association
      • Ronald Li (李福兆, 1929–2014) - Founder & Chairman of Hong Kong Stock Exchange[4]
        • Alfred Ronald Li (李國麟, 1952–)
    • Li Tse-fong (李子方, 1891–1976)
    • Li Lan-sang (李蘭生, 1900–69)
      • Alan Li (李福深)
        • Didier Li (李國緯)
          • Alana Li (李嘉美)
          • Téa Li (李嘉英)
        • Sean Li (李國安)
        • Lean-tsi Ta Li (謝蓮枝)
          • Amélie Li (李雅麗, 2003–)
          • Gabrielle Li (李嘉惠)

Ho family notables[edit]

  • Robert Hotung (何東, 1862–1956) - Businessman, philanthropist
    • Victoria Hotung (何錦姿, 1897–?) - married to Man-kam Lo
    • Robert Ho (何世禮, 1906–98)
    • George Ho (何佐芝, 1918–2014) - Founder of the Commercial Radio Hong Kong[5]
      • George Joseph Ho (何驥 1950–) - Chairman of the Commercial Radio Hong Kong
  • Ho Fook (何福, 1863–1926) - Businessman, philanthropist
    • Ho Kwong (何世光)
      • Stanley Ho (何鴻燊, 1921–) - Head of Macau casinos
        • Pansy Ho (何超瓊, 1962–) - Actress and managing director of various casinos
        • Josie Ho (何超儀, 1974–) - Singer, actress
        • Lawrence Ho (何猷龍, 1976–) - Chief exec of Melco International development[6]
    • Ho Sai-chuen (何世全, 1891–1938) - Doctor and member of the Sanitary Board
  • Ho Kom-tong (何甘棠, 1866–1950) - Businessman, philanthropist
    • Grace Ho (何愛瑜) - married to Lee Hoi-chuen
      • Bruce Lee (李小龍, 1940–73) - Movie star and martial artist
        • Brandon Lee (李國豪, 1965–93) - Actor and martial artist

Hui family notables[edit]

Lo family notables[edit]

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