Four bridges on three support

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Bolshoy Sampsoinevsky crossover
Crossover through Bolshoi Sampsonievsky between Lanskaya railway station and Saint Petersburg Finlyandsky.JPG
Crossover at winter morning
Carries two railroads
Crosses Bolshoy Sampsoinevsky prospect with tram line, Institutsky prospect
Locale Corner of Bolshoy Sampsoinevsky prospect and Institutsky prospect
Official name Bolshoy Sampsoinevsky crossover
Maintained by RZhD, OktZhD, SPbZhD
Design Joist double bridge on metal tubular support and stone coastal foundations and closed and open Metal farm with driving low
Material Metal
Width 2 + 1 track way
No. of spans 3
Designer Finnish Railways
Construction end 1869
Opened before 1910
Up arrow To Udelnaya 1869
Left arrow To N. Derevnya 1926
line SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov 1926
5.9 1926
Lanskoye shosse
5.5 Lansky station crossover 1869
5.3 Lanskaya substation 1950
Serdobolskaya st.
5.1 Lansky station cr. 1869
5.0 Change of kilometrage image
4.9 Lanskaya 1869
road B. Sampsonievsky pr.
road Institutsky pr.
4.6 Four bridges on three support 1869
Right arrow To Kushelevka
0 Finlyandsky Rail Term.
line SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov

Four bridges on three support is a сrossing by two railroad lines of two streets in St. Petersburg, Russia.