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Four in One is the umbrella title for a wheel series broadcast in the United States on the NBC television network as part of its 1970-71 schedule in the Wednesday 10 PM Eastern time slot.

Four in One consisted of six episodes of each of four dramatic series: McCloud, San Francisco International Airport, Night Gallery and The Psychiatrist. All six episodes of each program were run in order; then all were rerun interspersed with each other with a different series being shown each week.

After the season, McCloud had proven sufficiently popular to be included as an element in a new wheel-format series, NBC Mystery Movie, while Night Gallery was picked up as a stand-alone series. The other two elements, San Francisco International Airport and The Psychiatrist, were cancelled.


Series Title Episode Title Original air date
McCloud "Who Says You Can't Make Friends in New York City?" September 16, 1970
"Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue" September 23, 1970
"The Concrete Corral" September 30, 1970
"The Stage is All the World" October 7, 1970
"Walk in the Dark" October 14, 1970
"Our Man in Paris" October 21, 1970
San Francisco International Airport "Emergency Alert" October 28, 1970
"We Once Came Home to Parades" November 4, 1970
"Hostage" November 11, 1970
"Crisis" November 18, 1970
"Supersonic Transport" November 25, 1970
"The High Cost of Nightmares" December 2, 1970
Night Gallery "The Dead Man; The Housekeeper" December 16, 1970
"Room with a View; The Little Black Bag; The Nature of the Enemy" December 23, 1970
"The House; Certain Shadows on the Wall" December 30, 1970
"Make Me Laugh; Clean Kills and Other Trophies" January 6, 1971
"The Doll; Lone Survivor; Pamela's Voice" January 13, 1971
"The Last Laurel; They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar" January 20, 1971
The Psychiatrist "In Death's Other Kingdom" February 3, 1971
"The Private World of Martin Dalton" February 10, 1971
"Such Civil War in My Love and Hate" February 17, 1971
"The Longer Trail" February 24, 1971
"The Ex-Sgt. Randell File" March 3, 1971
"Par for the Course" March 10, 1971


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