Foursome of Nine Dragon Island

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The Foursome of Nine Dragon Island (Chinese: 九龙岛四圣) a set of four fictional characters featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods. These four individuals are Wang Magus, Yang Forest, High Amiable, and Li Resounding; each of them are renowned as superiormen. These four superior men would later be personally recruited by Grand Old Master Wen Zhong in an attempt to put an end to the threat of King Wu.

Wang Magus[edit]

Wang Magus is seen with a deep blue scholarly uniform, long black hair, and an easeful complexion. Once Wang Magus arrived at the Western Foothills, he told Baby Tooth the three consentions[clarification needed] and left. At a later point, following his return to the Western Foothills, Wang Magus became enraged over Baby Tooth's refusal to obey his words. Before Wang Magus could lay his sword upon Baby Tooth, Nezha quickly jumped in the way and engaged in a duel. With Yang Forest's assistance, Wang Magus was able to once again pursue Baby Tooth, this time within the sky. While riding through the clouds atop his great beast, Wang Magus unleashed his Earth Slashing Pearl technique to send Baby Tooth tumbling down to the valley below. As Wang Magus was about to finish off Baby Tooth, he heard Superiorman Broad Altruist singing a song. Once Wang Magnus approached Broad Altruist, Broad Altruist ordered Wang Magus not to kill Baby Tooth (for he would never be able to hear the end of the Investiture of the Gods Register if were to do so). Wang Magus, believing Broad Altruist to be cocky, charged at him with his blade; which was immediately parried by Jinzha, Broad Altruist's student. Once Broad Altruist bound Wang's throat, feet, and waist with golden bands, Jinzha beheaded Wang Magus in one swift slash of his sword — effectively putting an end to Wang Magus's life.

Yang Forest[edit]

Yang Forest is seen in a monk-style white gown, with a face black ringed as charcoal. Yang Forest also has bushy blond hair and a braided golden beard. Following Baby Tooth's refusal to obey, Yang Forest teamed up with Wang Magus in battle against Nezha. If Wang Magus found any opening, Yang Forest stood ready to unleash his Sky Opening Pearl technique upon Nezha. With great skill, Yang Forest also sent the interfering Yellow Flying Tiger tumbling to the ground. Following the death of Wang Magus, Yang Forest personally vowed ultimate revenge. The following morning, Yang Forest and his two remaining superiormen allies duelled it out against both Jinzha and Nezha. Yang Forest (who saw High Amiable killed instantly by Baby Tooth's Devil Beating Whip), was now furious. Once Yang Forest charged at Baby Tooth to avenge the death of his comrade, Jinzha immediately appeared and bound Yang Forest with his Seven-Treasure Golden Lotus. Yang Forest quickly fell dead after being pierced through the stomach by Jinzha's sword.

High Amiable[edit]

High Amiable is seen with a complexion of indigo blue, two protrusive buck teeth, bright red knotted hair, and a bright royal red robe. During the first attack upon Baby Tooth, High Amiable unleashed his skills against Good Lob the Lobster. When Yang Forest was being bound to death by Good Lob, High Amiable immediately launched himself into the air and unleashed his Coalesce Pearl technique (a technique that instantly sent Lobster's head askew). Upon hearing of the death of Wang Magus, High Amiable also expressed his anguish, and battled against Baby Tooth the following morning. However, High Amiable was instantly struck in the head by Baby Tooth's Devil Beating Whip, and thus died instantly.

Li Resounding[edit]

He was supposedly the strongest member of the Foursome of Nine Dragon Island. In appearance, Li Resounding had long flowing black hair and beard, a face of plum redness, and a long pale yellow gown. During the first attack upon the Western Foothills, Li Resounding assisted Wang Magus against Baby Tooth. Following the second encounter against Baby Tooth, Li Resounding, in great anger, battled it out against both Jinzha and Nezha. With demonic fervor following the death of all three of his allies, Li Resounding now stood as a lone warrior that possessed the determination to fight to the death. Due to the sudden assistance of Zhang Cassia and Gale Woods, Li Resounding was able to retreat atop his large beast after suffering a few minor wounds. While still being pursued by Baby Tooth, Li Resounding barely avoided death from Baby Tooth's whip. After escaping by flying atop his beast, he arrived at a neighboring secluded hideout to plan his next move. With great inner anguish, Li Resounding spoke the words,

"How can I possibly face my other friends on the Nine Dragon Island now that the four of us have become just a little me! We each had more than a thousand years of training and study. How could we be so stupid as to get involved in such a senseless fight? I think I'd better go to see the Grand Old Master who, after all, involved us in this mess!"

Soon thereafter, Muzha, the second brother of Nezha, suddenly appeared before Li Resounding and told him of his allegiance. Li Resounding, in a fit of rage, charged at Muzha with his sword. Unfortunately, Resounding was soon struck down and died.


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