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Fourth Corner Exchange Inc is a sustainable community currency based in the Pacific Northwest United States. Founded in 2002 by Francis Ayley and a group of like minded friends, Fourth Corner Exchange started trading in January 2004, utilizing a basic Time Dollar system that has some features of LETS, but with important differences from both which are described on their website. There are presently over five-hundred and fifty members in Bellingham, Washington, Port Townsend, Washington, Everett, Washington, Mount Vernon, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Prospective members must attend a new members meeting in order to join and trade with other members. Meetings are held in Bellingham, Port Townsend, Mount Vernon, Everett, Portland and many other locations.

Recently, Fourth Corner Exchange has spread to other parts of the USA, notably Oregon, California, New Mexico, Colorado and Ohio.

The original software used to run Fourth Corner's website has been released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is distributed through SourceForge. The Fourth Corner Exchange database program has been significantly modified since this open source release.

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