Fourth Federal Electoral District of Chihuahua

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District Chih-IV

The Fourth Federal Electoral District of Chihuahua (IV Distrito Electoral Federal de Chihuahua) is one of the 300 Electoral Districts into which Mexico is divided for the purpose of elections to the federal Chamber of Deputies and one of nine such districts in the state of Chihuahua.

It elects one deputy to the lower house of Congress for each three-year legislative period, by means of the first past the post system.

District territory[edit]

Under the 2005 districting scheme, Chihuahua's Fourth District covers the southern portion of Ciudad Juárez.[1]

The district's head town (cabecera distrital), where results from individual polling stations are gathered together and collated, is the city of Ciudad Juárez.

Previous districting schemes[edit]

1996–2005 district[edit]

Almost exactly the same as the current configuration.[2]

1979–1996 district[edit]

As at present, between 1979 and 1996 the Fourth District covered a portion of the Ciudad Juárez urban area.

Deputies returned to Congress from this district[edit]

Mexico Parties
PAN logo (Mexico).svgPAN
PRI logo (Mexico).svgPRI
PRD logo (Mexico).svgPRD
Worker's Party logo (Mexico).svgPT
PVE dark logo (Mexico).svgPVEM
Movimiento Ciudadano.svgMC
Partido Nueva Alianza (México).svgPANAL


2 July 2006 General Election: Fourth District of Chihuahua
Party or Alliance Candidate Votes Percentage
National Action Party María Antonieta Pérez Reyes 37,528
36.64 / 100
Alliance for Mexico
Green tickY Víctor Valencia de los Santos 38,897
37.97 / 100
Coalition for the Good of All
(PRD, PT, Convergencia)
José de Jesús Barragán Sánchez 15,459
15.09 / 100
New Alliance Party Laurencio Gallegos Jiménez 5,481
5.35 / 100
Social Democratic and Peasant Alternative Sandra Rivera Martínez 2,231
2.18 / 100
Red XN Unregistered candidates 437
0.43 / 100
Red XN Spoilt papers 2,402
2.34 / 100
Total 102,435
100 / 100
Source: Instituto Federal Electoral.[6]

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