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Office of the Chief of Materiel (Fleet)
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Vice Admiral Simon Lister.jpg
Vice Admiral Simon Lister

since 2013
Department of the Admiralty, Ministry of Defence
Member of Board of Admiralty, Admiralty Board, Navy Board
Reports to First Sea Lord
Nominator First Lord of the Admiralty, Secretary of State for Defence
Appointer Prime Minister
Subject to formal approval by the Queen-in-Council
Term length Not fixed (typically 1–3 years)
Inaugural holder Captain George Barrington
Formation 1830-1964, 1965-current

The Fourth Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Supplies originally known as the Fourth Naval Lord was formerly one of the Naval Lords and members of the Board of Admiralty which controlled the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom the post is currently known as Chief of Materiel (Fleet).


The origin of this appointment dates back to 1830 when the post of Fourth Naval Lord was created until 1868 when it was re-styled Junior Naval Lord this title remained until 1904 when it was again re-styled Fourth Sea Lord until 1964 when the Admiralty Department this post was abolished [1] The modern equivalent is titled the "Naval Member for Logistics", who is responsible for the logistical support and the supply chain of the navy.[2] and its functions along with two other departments of state were merged within a new Ministry of Defence. Following the merger a new post was created Chief of Fleet Support that initially assumed the same responsibilities and duties until 2007 when it re-named Chief of Materiel (Fleet)


In 1805, for the first time, specific functions were assigned to each of the 'Naval' Lords, who were described as 'Professional' Lords, leaving to the 'Civil' Lords the routine business of signing documents.[3]

The Fourth Sea Lord as Chief of Naval Supplies was responsible for supplying the navy, and his responsibilities included transport, victualling (supplying food), and medical services.[4]

Fourth Naval Lords 1830–1868[edit]

Fourth Naval Lords include:[3]

Junior Naval Lords 1868-1904[edit]

Junior Naval Lords include:[5]

Fourth Sea Lords 1904–1964[edit]

Fourth Sea Lords include:[5]

Chiefs of Fleet Support 1964–2007[edit]

Chiefs of Fleet Support include:[5]

Chiefs of Materiel (Fleet) 2007 – present[edit]

Chiefs of Materiel (Fleet) include:[5]


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