Siege of Krujë (1478)

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Fourth Siege of Kruje
Part of Ottoman-Albanian wars
Date Spring 1477 — 1478
Location Krujë, modern-day Albania
Result Decisive Ottoman Victory
Fall of Krujë
 Republic of Venice
Albanian defenders
 Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mehmed II
Koca Davud Pasha[1]
Garrison of 27,000 to 35,000 infantry and 500 civilians[2] 18,000

The Fourth Siege of Krujë by the Ottoman Empire of Krujë in Albania occurred in 1478, ten years after the death of the Skanderbeg, and resulted in the town's capture after the failure of three prior sieges.

Demoralized and severely weakened by hunger and lack of supplies from the year-long siege, the Albanian defenders surrendered to Sultan Mehmed II, who had promised them they could leave unharmed in exchange. One of the important historical sources about this siege is the fourth volume of the Annali Veneti e del Mondo manuscript written by Stefano Magno.[3]

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