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Atlanta's Fourth Ward encompassed mainly what is now called the Old Fourth Ward.


Fourth Ward in blue (1874 to 1883)

A new city charter increased the radius of the city from one to one and a half miles, reduced the number of wards back to five and created a bi-cameral council of two councilmen from each ward and a second body of three at-large aldermen was established.

The new Fourth ward layout was from Pryor and tracks east on Georgia RR to city limits then north west to West Peachtree and south to origin. Two councilmen would be elected from each ward each year.

John H. Flynn 1874 Julius C. Watkins
1875 John S. Garmany

In late 1875, an ordinance passed where each year one councilman would be elected from each ward for a two-year term. The first year, 1876 just had one citywide alderman and a single councilman from each ward and they would be fully staffed two years later.

Even year elections Year Odd year elections
Dr. Samuel Hape 1876 none
1877 Charles K. Maddox
John H. Flynn 1878
1879 William H. Patterson
Thomas J. Boyd 1880
1881 Jack W. Johnson
William H. Howell 1882


Fourth Ward in blue (1883 to 1894)

On November 5, 1883 a Sixth Ward (beige) was carved out of the Fourth and Fifth Wards. The Fourth lost the entire Peachtree St corridor leaving a district of working class citizens: Germans and Jews to the north and Blacks to the south. Before 1910, the ward had become almost exclusively Black centered on Sweet Auburn and a large portion of it was destroyed in the Great Atlanta fire of 1917.

Even year elections Year Odd year elections
William H. Howell 1883 Benjamin F. Longley
M. Micklebery 1884
1885 Edwin F. May
Allison L. Greene 1886
1887 Levi B. Nelson
Sampson A. Morris 1888
1889 J.S. McLendon
J.C. Hendrix 1890
1891 C.E. Murphey
William P. Hill 1892
1893 W.R. Dimmock
William J. Campbell 1894
1895 John A. Miller
Sampson A. Morris 1896
1897 George P. Howard
William S. Thomson 1898
1899 John S. Parks
William M. Terry 1900
1901 Henry F. Garrett
J. Frank Beck 1902
1903 McDonald M. Turner
Alexander C. Bruce 1904
1905 Frank O. Foster
Edgar E. Pomeroy 1906
1907 Dr. Benjamin E. Pearce

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