Fowler Hollow Run

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Fowler Hollow Run at Fowlers Hollow State Park

Fowler Hollow Run is a stream in Perry County, Pennsylvania, in the United States.[1] It is part of the Susquehanna River watershed as it is a tributary of Shultz Creek, which is a tributary of Sherman Creek, which flows into the Susquehanna.[2][3] The drainage basin for Fowler Hollow Run is 5.59 square miles (14.48 km²) and enters Shultz Creek 3.90 miles (6.28 km) from its mouth on Sherman Creek. It is 48.14 miles (77.47 km) along Sherman Creek to the lower Susquehanna River.[4]

The 6.2 mile (10 km) waterway creates a narrow valley, part of which is designated Fowlers Hollow State Park.[5] The stream is a popular site for fishing brown and brook trout and is stocked by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission before the opening of the fishing season. It also has a good population of native brook trout.[6][7]

40°16′29″N 077°34′29″W / 40.27472°N 77.57472°W / 40.27472; -77.57472


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Fowler Hollow Run is in the Lower Susquehanna River watershed.