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Fox News Live
Title card for Fox News Live
Presented byJulie Banderas
Jamie Colby
Courtney Friel
Gregg Jarrett
Brigitte Quinn
Eric Shawn
Country of originUnited States
Production location(s)New York City
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeVariable
Original networkFox News Channel
Picture format480i
Original release1999 –
February 24, 2008
Preceded byFox News Now, Fox On...
Followed byAmerica's Election Headquarters (see followed program list)
Related showsThe Live Desk, Weekend Live, Fox Online, America's News Headquarters, and Glenn Beck Program
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Fox Real Time logo on Fox News Channel

Fox News Live was an American news-talk television program, the hard-news daytime programming of the Fox News Channel. It also referred to the short headline segments of nearly every hour on Fox News Channel.


The show featured news, guest analysis, and interviews. Like other American cable news stations, there is news mixed with feature-like stories, as well as commentary and short debates between people on opposite sides of issues, usually between associates of candidates and officials, think-tank members, and journalists.

The headline segments, shown during every non–hard news hour throughout the day, were usually two-to-three-minute recaps of the news of the day, unique to Fox News Channel with an added timestamp on the intro graphic.

Supplementing headline updates, FNC introduced a fast-paced version of these headline updates in 2006, called "Fox Real Time," which appeared during live news coverage, typically only being one-minute in length. After the first year of their introduction, their appearances greatly diminished, and eventually only appeared during hours of Weekend Live

Since the network originally started the continuous hours of Fox News Live in the morning, they have slowly shifted away from the setup, replacing the 3:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. hours of the programming with Studio B in 2002, and DaySide in 2003 respectively. In 2006, DaySide was then replaced with The Live Desk due to Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy (the then hosts of DaySide) leaving the network to host the syndicated morning talk program, The Morning Show. In 2007, the shift continued with the replacement of the first two hours with America's Newsroom. In November 2007, with the addition of Happening Now and America's Pulse to the weekday lineup all weekday airings of Fox News Live have been discontinued. However, the Fox News Live format continues with America's Election HQ and later after election, America's News HQ, which airs on all FNL slots at the weekend.


Former hosts[edit]

Headline Segment Hosts[edit]

Former Headline Segment Hosts[edit]


Time slot Last aired Followed program
9am-11am February 9, 2007 America's Newsroom
11am-1pm November 2, 2007 Happening Now
1pm-2pm May 13, 2003 DaySide
2pm-3pm November 2, 2007 America's Pulse
3pm-4pm August 9, 2002 Studio B
5pm-6pm 2000 The Big Story
6pm-7pm 1998 Special Report
Weekends 2002 Weekend Live
Weekends February 24, 2008 America's Election Headquarters

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