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Fox Racing Shox is a brand used by Fox Factory (NASDAQFOXF) to sell off road racing suspension components.[1]


In 1974, Bob Fox started racing his products in motocross and Fox Racing, Inc. was founded in 1980 in Watsonville, California. It started as a small business distributing suspension components for motocross bikes. They produce suspension components for motorcycles, automobiles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes.

Fox Factory was acquired by Compass Diversified Holdings, a private equity firm, in 2008.[2] It went public in 2013.[3]


Mountain Bike Suspensions[edit]

Merida Big Seven mountain bike with Fox front suspension


  • 32 Float 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 150mm
  • 34 Float 160mm
  • 36 Float 160mm, 180mm
  • 32 Talas 140mm, 150mm
  • 34 Talas 160mm
  • 36 Talas 160mm, 180mm
  • 36 Van 180mm
  • 32 831 100mm
  • 40 203mm


  • Float iCD
  • Float CTD Boost Valve Remote
  • Float CTD Boost Valve w/Trail Adjust
  • Float CTD
  • Float X CTD w/Trail Adjust
  • Van RC
  • DHX RC4

Off-Road Division[edit]

In 2014 Fox introduced the Performance Series line of Off-Road shocks and rebranded their existing shocks as Factory Series.[4] The differences between the two lines of shocks are extensive, nearly every part has been redesigned.

Air Bump Product Lines:

  • 2.0 Factory Series Pinch Mount Air Bump
  • 2.5 Factory Series Stud Mount Air Bump
  • 2.5 Factory Series Pinch Mount Air Bump

Air Shock Product Lines:

  • 2.0 Factory Series Air Shock
  • 2.5 Factory Series Air Shock

Bypass Product Lines:

  • 2.0 Factory Series Bypass
  • 2.5 Factory Series Bypass
  • 3.0 Factory Series Bypass
  • 3.5 Factory Series Bypass
  • 4.0 Factory Series Bypass
  • 4.4 Factory Series Bypass

Coilover Product Lines:

  • 2.0 Factory Series Coilover
  • 2.5 Factory Series Coilover
  • 2.5 Performance Series Coilover
  • 3.0 Factory Series Coilover

Smoothie Product Lines:

  • 2.0 Factory Series Smoothie
  • 2.5 Factory Series Smoothie
  • 2.5 Performance Series Smoothie
  • 3.0 Factory Series Smoothie


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