Fox Valley Conference

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Fox Valley Conference
Established 1978
Association IHSA
Divisions 1 division
Members 9
Region Northern Illinois (McHenry and Kane counties)

The Fox Valley Conference is an IHSA recognized high school extracurricular conference including the following schools, generally located in the northern part of the Fox River basin in Illinois.


The conference consists of 9 teams total.[1] All enrollments[2] and classifications[3] are from the Illinois High School Association website.

School Town Team Name Colors Enrollment IHSA Classes 2/3/4[nb 1][nb 2]
Cary-Grove High School Cary Trojans           1705 AA/3A/4A
Crystal Lake Central High School Crystal Lake Tigers           1508 AA/2A/4A
Crystal Lake South High School Crystal Lake Gators                1462 AA/2A/4A
Dundee-Crown High School Carpentersville Chargers           2458 AA/3A/4A
Hampshire High School Hampshire Whip-Purs           1636 AA/2A/4A
Huntley High School Huntley Red Raiders                3045 AA/3A/4A
Harry D. Jacobs High School Algonquin Golden Eagles           2169 AA/3A/4A
McHenry High Schools[nb 3] McHenry Warriors           2192 AA/3A/4A
Prairie Ridge High School Crystal Lake Wolves           1436 AA/2A/4A


  • Dundee Community High School and Irving Crown High School, both charter members of the FVC, merged into Dundee-Crown at the start of the 1983–84 school year.
  • Lake Zurich joined the conference in 1991–92.
  • Grayslake (now known as Grayslake Central) joined in 1997–98. Prairie Ridge opened this year and joined the conference as well.
  • Huntley joined in 2003–04. (This led to a scheduling issue for the football season. With 11 schools in the conference, it was impossible to have each school play every conference opponent because the football regular season is only 9 games.)
  • Lake Zurich left to join the North Suburban Conference after the 2004–05 school year.
  • Johnsburg and Grayslake North joined in the 2006–07 school year. The 12 schools were split into two divisions: the smaller schools (Crystal Lake Central, Grayslake Central, Grayslake North, Huntley, Johnsburg, Prairie Ridge) in the Fox Division, and the larger schools (Cary-Grove, Crystal Lake South, Dundee-Crown, Jacobs, McHenry, Woodstock) in the Valley Division.
  • During the 2009–10 school year, Woodstock North joined the conference as a full member, and, as a result, Woodstock moved down to the Fox Division, and Huntley moved up to the Valley Division.
  • Hampshire joined in 2011–12. They joined the Fox Division, and, as a result, Prairie Ridge has moved into the Valley Division.[4]
  • Johnsburg left to join the Big Northern Conference in 2014–15. Prairie Ridge was moved back into the Fox Division.
  • Woodstock and Woodstock North left in 2016–17 to become charter members of the Kishwaukee River Conference. Grayslake North and Grayslake Central also left this same year to become charter members of the Northern Lake County Conference. With only 9 remaining schools, the FVC eliminated its division format.
  • Burlington Central will join the FVC in 2019–20.[5]


  1. ^ The state series class which a school competes in not only depends on the school's student population, but on the sport or activity. Some activities divide schools into two classes, some into three, and others into four. The listing here is in the order of two class, three class, and four class. The more "A"s in a class, the larger the schools competing. For more information on this, see Illinois High School Association#State Series Format.
  2. ^ Schools are not assigned a classification for football until they have qualified for the playoffs each year. A school's classification not only depends on their student population, but on the populations of the other schools who have qualified. Thus, some schools routinely move between classes.
  3. ^ McHenry High School is a program which combines students from McHenry East High School and McHenry West High School.


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