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Foxit Software, Inc.
FounderEugene Y. Xiong
HeadquartersFremont, California, United States
Area served
World Wide
Key people
Chairman and Founder: Eugene Y. Xiong,

CEO: George Z Gao,

CTO; Steven Li
ProductsPDF software (Foxit Reader) and development kits
Number of employees
Over 325 (7 offices worldwide)

Foxit Software, Inc. develops Portable Document Format (PDF) software and tools used to create, edit, sign, and secure files and digital documents.[1] It is a software company headquartered in Fremont, California,[2] with offices in Berlin,[3] Beijing, Fuzhou, South Yarra, Australia and other locations.[4][5] There are about 425 million Foxit users, with sales to more than 100,000 customers in 200 countries around the world.[6][7]


Foxit Software was founded in 2001[5] by Eugene Y. Xiong to develop similar PDF software products to those from Adobe Systems and other PDF vendors, and offer them at lower prices.[2]

In 2009 Foxit Software Company incorporated as Foxit Corporation.[5]

Standards involvement[edit]

Foxit has contributed to the evolution of the ISO 32000 standard and is currently active in new PDF standard initiatives. The company also played a role in development of the ISO 19005 standard, also known as PDF/A, for long term archiving of documents.[5][8]

Key people[edit]

  • Eugene Y. Xiong, Founder and Chairman of the Board [9][citation needed]
  • George Z. Gao, CEO and Director [10]
  • Steven Li, Chief Technology Officer
  • Phil Lee, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Frank Kettenstock, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Carsten Heiermann, CEO of Foxit Europe
  • Susana De Abrew, President of Foxit SDK BU

Business development[edit]

Foxit Reader[edit]

The company’s first product, Foxit Reader, was released in 2004.[5] It provides a way to view, create and sign PDF files, and add annotations to them.[11] Foxit Reader 3.0 offers comparable functionality to Adobe Reader.[12] Older versions were notable for their speed and small file sizes.[13] Foxit released version 8.0 in 2016.[14] The software is pre-installed on Windows PCs from HP, Acer, and ASUS.[15] Foxit released version 9.0 in 2017.The software is available as a freeware download for PCs running Windows 7 (or later), MacOS and Linux.[16][17]

Foxit PhantomPDF[edit]

Foxit PhantomPDF, a multi-feature PDF editor, was released in 2008. Foxit PhantomPDF has an interface that holds many advanced, PDF editing and security features.[5][18] Foxit released version 8.0 in 2016.[14]


Foxit Software released ConnectedPDF in 2016. ConnectedPDF extends the traditional portable document format by associating a unique identifier with each PDF, thereby enabling capabilities such as file update notifications, document locating and tracking, shared and synchronized review and mark-up, and remote digital rights management and protection.[19]

ConnectedPDF is not a stand-alone product. Functionality is embedded within some of Foxit’s PDF software products. ConnectedPDF is included in the latest releases of Foxit PhantomPDF (version ≥8), Foxit Reader (version ≥8) and Foxit MobilePDF (version ≥5).[19]

PDF Compressor[edit]

Foxit PDF Compressor converts scanned documents to PDF or PDF/A, compresses them and uses integrated OCR technology to make them fully text searchable.

Rendition Server[edit]

Foxit Rendition Server is an on-premises web service for centralized document conversion to PDF and PDF/A. It enables the construction of a powerful transformation infrastructure which can be addressed by a wide range of programs and environments through a web service interface.

OEM relationships[edit]

The company has developed original equipment manufacturer relationships with a variety of businesses. Foxit’s technology is an enabling technology at the heart of Amazon Kindle,[20] Gmail and Google Chrome,[21] and the company also provides the rendering engine that powers Google's open-source PDFium project.[22]


Foxit also provides a variety of PDF software development kits (SDKs) for developers wanting to create custom PDF applications.[23]


Foxit has grown organically and through several acquisitions.

Company Date of Close Focus Area
CVISION Technologies August 2017 CVISION’s solutions create efficiently captured documents through accurate optical character recognition and advanced file compression.
Sumilux July 2016 Sumilux builds a cloud-based collaboration platform supporting the secure sharing and control of documents, as well as all the related real-time interactions. This platform is unique in its capability to manage documents even when they are offline.[24]
Debenu March 2016 Debenu, led by a team with over 15 years' experience from Corporate Pharmaceutical as a US FDA regulations specialist, builds SDK technology to help everyone interacting with PDF to "connect" and work more productively, from developers to end users.[25]
LuraTech October 2015 PDF and PDF/A software solutions for server-side document compression and conversion, in businesses and institutions.[26]
Dataintro August 2014 Dataintro specializes in Data Collection technologies and utilizes tools that go from electronic forms to client-server applications to provide products and services, which are oriented to provide the highest quality data to back-end systems for processing.[27]


Product Name Description
PhantomPDF Multi-feature PDF software to view, create, edit, collaborate, share, secure, organize, export, OCR, secure, sign and track PDFs. Available in two editions: Standard and Business.[28]
Reader Free PDF viewer to read, edit and print documents and files. Also available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows portable devices.[29]
PDF Compressor Enterprise-scale software for server-based document conversion and compression of PDF and PDF/A-format files.[30]
Rendition Server Enterprise-scale software for centralized conversion of documents to PDF from all IT systems and applications.[31]
PDF SDK Platform-independent PDF libraries that allow developers to extend the reach of their software to different business systems.[32]

PDF Association[edit]

Foxit Software is an active member of the PDF Association. LuraTech, acquired by Foxit in 2015, was a founding member of the PDF Association. Carsten Heiermann, founder and CEO of the LuraTech group, is member of the association’s board.[33] Thomas Zellmann, who joined LuraTech in 2001, is the association’s Managing Director.[34]

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