Foxon Park

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Foxon Park
IndustrySoft drinks
FoundedEast Haven, Connecticut, Connecticut, USA (1922)
ProductsBirch beer
Root beer
Ginger ale
Cream soda
Iron brew
Diet Birch Beer
Diet Kola
Diet Orange
Diet Gassosa
Sparkling water
Tonic water

Foxon Park is a soft drink brand produced by Foxon Park Beverage Company. The company is located in East Haven, Connecticut, and has been in business for more than 90 years. Their sodas are a traditional accompaniment to the New Haven-style pizza sold throughout the area. They are also served at Louis' Lunch and Foe Foods & Catering. Flavors include: cream soda, white birch, grape, orange, ginger ale, kola, gassosa, lemon-lime, root beer, iron brew, strawberry, sparkling water, tonic water, and cherry. Foxon Park is noted for using natural ingredients as well as utilizing cane sugar as a sweetener, unlike most soft drinks which use high fructose corn syrup.[1] Their slogan is "All-Ways in Good Taste."


Foxon Park was founded in 1922 in East Haven, Connecticut by Matteo Naclerio, an immigrant from Italy. The beverage company Naclerio opened was named after the street on which it resided at the time. Home delivery was offered, as were some unique flavors such as Iron Brew (a drink made famous in Scotland) and gassosa (a lemon-flavored Italian soda). Foxon Park still remains a family-owned business.


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