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Bottles of Foxton Fizz (flavours raspberry, lemonade, kola, creaming soda & lime)

Foxton Fizz is the name of a soda drink produced in Foxton, New Zealand.


Foxton Fizz was established in 1918.[1] In 1936, Foxton Fizz was able to deliver to local schools during the depression daily. It is 100 years old and one of the last independent soda companies in New Zealand.[2]


The drink comes in multiple flavours, including lime, raspberry, kola, lemonade, creaming soda, cocktail, tonic, ginger ale and soda water. In 2006, plastic bottles were phased out, which left the company with glass bottles only.


An experimental short film, Fizz Factory was shot at the factory in late 2006. The film features a soundtrack that includes excerpts of music by German minimalist composer Hans Otte.

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