Foxtrot Zulu

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Foxtrot Zulu
Origin Providence, Rhode Island
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1995–present

Foxtrot Zulu is a seven member rock band based in Providence, Rhode Island. The band has released five albums and performed over 1000 shows.[citation needed]


In 1991, while attending the University of Rhode Island, Nate Edmunds and Neal Jones, high school pals from Devon, Pennsylvania found themselves inhabiting the archetypical college role of "the guys playing guitar in the other room" at the myriad and sundry house parties the institution was then infamous for.[citation needed] The duo would attract listeners and participants alike, often growing into impromptu jam sessions fueled by common interest in the Grateful Dead and classic rock.[citation needed]

As time went on, the group grew organically to include drums bass and saxophone, and eventually began to fulfill requests to play at parties under the ad hoc moniker "Nate, Neal and those guys". Soon after, trumpet and percussion rounded out the septet and a musical equilibrium was reached: no members have been added or removed since. Nate (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Neal (lead vocals, lead guitar), Paul Miller (percussion), Jeff Roberge (drums), Jeff Light (trumpet, flugel horn, vocals, harmonica), and Terryston "TK" Kyan (saxophone, mandolin, vocals, piano). Brad Haas (bass guitar, vocals, lead guitar). After developing a respectable stable of original songs as well as time tested covers, the ensemble first performed under the name Foxtrot Zulu in the spring of 1993.

Throughout its existence, Foxtrot has always believed in giving back to the community, as evidenced by the fact that at one point or another, each of its members has worked at Perspectives Corporation, a company devoted to bettering the lives of those individuals with developmental disabilities, located in South County, Rhode Island.[citation needed] The group has also shown their devotion to the bettering the community by playing a number of benefit concerts, one accessible example of this can be found in the group's only professionally produced live recording, Live..., which showcases the highlights of a two night stand at The Ocean Mist Bar, a local watering hole located in Matunuck, Rhode Island.[citation needed]

This tradition was once again called into play after the tragedy of 9/11, when Foxtrot Zulu, along with Sublime cover band Badfish shared a bill at The Ocean Mist to benefit the families of those who worked at Windows on the World, the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. All proceeds from that night were donated to survivors and their families.[citation needed]

The band shares in the tradition of the Grateful Dead, Phish and many other "jam bands" in welcoming the recording and trading of recordings of their shows. The band's archivist welcomes any visitors to his website to requests for copies of shows that he has amassed.

The band has recorded their fifth album, titled Tonight. It contains many crowd favorites that had yet to make their way onto any of their four previous releases. This includes the track "Boulevard" in a much shorter form than the live version, due mainly to the shortening of the extensive drum solo usually found between the chorus and the second verse. The album also features guest vocalist and executive producer Marc Roberge, from O.A.R..[citation needed]

In true Foxtrot Zulu fashion, the song "Tonight" does not appear on the album. This is also true of the bands prior releases. "Moe's Diner", the song, does however appear on Burn Slow.


  • Moe's Diner (1995)
  • Burn Slow (1997)
  • Frozen In Time (1999)
  • Tonight (2008)

Live album:

  • Live... (2000)

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