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Not to be confused with printf format string.
Original author(s) Daniel Drake (dsd)
Developer(s) Bastien Nocera
Initial release 2007
Stable release 0.5.1 / August 11, 2013; 2 years ago (2013-08-11)
Development status Active development
Written in C
Operating system Any supported by libusb
Type Biometric software
License LGPL 2.1
Website libfprint at freedesktop.org

fprint (libfprint) is an open-source project aimed at developing a library for consumer-grade fingerprint reader devices.[1]

It aims to provide a single API to Software developers for several devices.[2]

fpint currently supports the following hardware:

  1. UPEK TouchStrip, TouchChip, EikonTouch 300, EikonMini
  2. DigitalPersona / Microsoft devices
  3. AuthenTec AES1610, AES1660, AES2501, AES2550, AES2660, AES2810, AES4000
  4. SecuGen FDU 2000
  5. Veridicom 5thSense
  6. Validity Inc. VFS101, VFS301

It was included in the Fedora 11 official release with a corresponding PAM module.

fprint-demo is a small GTK+-based front-end for libfprint.[3]


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