Frédéric Marcelin

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Frédéric Marcelin
Frédéric Marcelin.jpg
Born Frédéric Marcelin
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Died 1917
Occupation Writer, politician

Frédéric Marcelin (1848–1917) was a Haitian writer and politician. Born in Port-au-Prince, Marcelin was best known for the three novels Marilisse (1903), La Vengeance de Mama (1902), and Thémistocle Epaminondas Labasterre (1901). Along with his contemporaries Fernand Hibbert and Justin Lhérisson he worked to establish a uniquely Haitian novel.

He also wrote a book on Haiti's national bank, Haïti et sa Banque Nationale (1896), and another on the "Finance and Commerce Department", (Le Départment des Finances et du Commerce d'Haïti) (1896).


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