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The tomb of Frédéric Monod in Père-Lachaise Cemetery.

Frédéric Monod (17 May 1794, in Monnaz - 30 December 1863, in Paris) was a French Protestant pastor. He was the older brother of minister Adolphe Monod.

He studied theology in Geneva, receiving his consecration in 1818. As a student, he was greatly influenced by the Scottish minister Robert Haldane. From 1820 to 1849 he was a Reformed Church pastor in Paris. In 1849, along with Agénor de Gasparin, he founded the Union of the Evangelical Free Churches of France.[1][2]

From 1824 up until his death in 1863, he was principal editor of the Archives du Christianisme.[1]

His son, Théodore, (1836–1921) followed in his footsteps.[3] Naturalist and explorer Théodore André Monod is his great-grandson.


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